• WIN my Exclusive Shopping Haul with E.ON Energy

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WIN my Exclusive Shopping Haul with E.ON Energy

 howmuchhaul2 haul1 haul3
win mybigbagofstuff

 It’s easy to lose track of how much you’re spending when out shopping for the things you love and especially when you’re with the thing you love the most- the child! First of all mini human type folk have light fingers and clockwork tantrums as soon as you enter a public premises, which makes shopping tricky.

cambridge scarf

Whether it’s a frock you’ve been staring at in a shop window for the past few weeks or that impulse purchase on the way to the checkout, your tightly controlled budget can quickly be forgotten very easily (in my case) – and this doesn’t just happen on the high street. With months of darker, colder evenings ahead, it can become all too easy for energy bills to rise far beyond what you expected, especially when there is no price tag to keep you and your (mostly my) family in check.
So, I want to show you how difficult it can be to keep a track of your spending without any idea of how much things cost. Below is a picture of a recent haul from a shopping spree and, what I want you to do, is tell me how much you think the total price comes to. See below to ENTER THE COMPETITION. The closest to the correct total will win all of the goodies while, for everyone else, it may be a good time to start thinking about ways to keep an eye on your spending. Sob.
Thankfully, for those of you wanting to get a grip on how much you spend on energy, help is at hand. E.ONs smart pay as you go meter allows you to keep tight control on how much you spend on energy by showing exactly how much you’re using in real time. All of which means you’ll have some extra cash to spend on the things you really love… Good luck!eon2 eon3
This competition is brought to you in partnership with E.ON. See if you could save money with their gas and
electricity deals today. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
Items included in haul: Cambridge Satchel in red with push lock, “But first coffee” cup, Strong Brow Game pouch with Eyeko brow products, ‘Happiness’ book, two Moleskin plain journals in Violet, 2016 planner, Orla Kiely set of 3 candles, Nars red lip Steven Klein ‘obsession’ set, ‘Let’s kiss and make-up’ bag, oversized square scarf, Capri blue velvet in moss & jasmine candle.
TO ENTER, all you have to do is go straight to my Rafflecopter giveaway and guesstimate the total cost of my shopping haul – the person who guesses the amount or gets close to the amount wins the ENTIRE SHOPPING HAUL! Yes, I will send you everything that is pictured or listed above. It will be all yours!

This competition will be open until the 4th December. Winner will be contacted by me via email address.

Terms and conditions

-The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered
-Open to UK residents aged 18 and over
-The competition opening date is 16th November 2015 and the closing date for entries is 4th December 2015
-One entry per person
-Entrants must log into Rafflecopter and leave a comment guessing the total amount the items shown come to
-The winner will be chosen by using a random number generator build into the Rafflecopter widget and will be contacted direct on the email address provided.
-If the winner does not respond within 7 days a new winner will be drawn.
-The winner’s name will be available on request.
-By entering this competition participants consent to their full name being available by request from The Milkstand
-The prize will be sent within 28 days of receipt of the winner’s address
-E.ON reserves the right to amend or withdraw the competition at any time without notice or liability
-Entry to this competition confirms that participants have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions
-This competition is governed by the laws of England and any dispute shall be governed by the English courts.

Tootsa MacGinty – Unisex Toddler Clothes

IMG_8948 IMG_8952


Tootsa MacGinty is one of those brands that you want to get behind and shout out about. They are a relatively young company, but they are already leading the way from their decisions on how to source great fabric for our mini humans, to their patterns, prints and creative clothing. Who said kids clothes have to be blue or pink or boring? Tootsa MacGinty has a collection thats interactive and playful. Tootsa MacGinty design with no gender selections – every item is unisex and I love that. All the clothes are designed with children in mind – they have been crafted to make it easy for kids to run, jump, scoot and play.

A Mother pal actually put me onto this brand and I love it! The colours are bright and loud (like Max) and the clothing has seriously been put through its paces with my tiny Tazmanian devil. The products wash really well again and again and most of Max’s Toosta items – have become conversation starters in the playground or a topic of debate at nursery. “No, thats a worm”, “No, it is a poisonous snake”. Standard small talk.

Click HERE to go straight to Tootsa MacGinty to see what all the fuss is about.

PicMonkey Collage

Autumn in Brighton

We really have the best of both worlds here in Brighton. If you want parks and escape from the hustle and bustle of the high street, then you are spoilt for choice. If you want to blow the cobwebs away with some good sea air, then Brighton beach will give you perspective and clarity. We are extremely lucky to live close by to not one, but both options and this past weekend – we did both!

Now November has hit us with it’s “in your face” rain, it’s hard to remember that Autumn was just last week and it is even harder to accept that it is over and that #winteriscoming where is Jon Snow when you need him? (Oh god, I just remembered…don’t).

Luckily as a vlogger I am always capturing our moments, or at the very least trying and sometimes if I am really lucky, I can get some great photographs to share with you. This past weekend was our last hurrah to Autumn and I hope these pictures do it justice. Until next year…

autumn1 autumn2 autumn3 autumn4 autumn5 autumn6

Happy Halloween : My #PinterestFail

Happy Halloween! Channel Mum asked their lovely vloggers to create something unique and easy to make at home for Halloween, which sounds simple enough right? Wrong. Craft is my Everest. Craft, baking, making, budgeting…..all the good stuff that mums should be able to do is all the stuff that I apparently rebel against. I am really good at loading the dishwasher and playing Lego – but when it comes to making something from scratch – the only thing I’m left scratching is my head. Doh!

First things first – I have no original thought in my body so I examined Pinterest – my number one destination to make me feel worse about my lack of efforts or originality. I found ‘Jelly Worms’ – “simply pour the jelly into the straws and….” Hey presto! I found my craft for Halloween and then as you do with Pinterest I started to daydream about my new career as professional jelly worm maker. I wondered where this road would take me and I was really hoping it was Vegas, but I figured this journey needed to start so…

My craft debut…

If you haven’t already, be sure to check out the rest of the Channel Mum Halloween playlist – there are 30+ videos of crafts, recipes and decor ideas, costumes and cute kids.

Have a fun and safe Halloween – what are you making this year?

Joules Competition: Design your own wellies!

design competition lock up-01Joules have recently launched a fun competition inviting all budding designers, doodlers and wellington boot lovers to design some Joules wellies. The winner will see their design put into production (with all proceeds going to CHARITABLY JOULES) as well as winning a luxury Forest Holiday worth £5000!, where you will stay for 3 nights in a golden oak treehouse cabin.



I love the idea of getting Max to help me design a doodle for Joules. There are also prizes for 10 runners-up who will each receive a £250 Joules gift card.

Submit a design and enter the competition here – http://getcreative.joules.com/
Good luck,
NB x

A Change

wake1 wake2 wake3 wake4 wake5 wake6

This past weekend, we visited one of our favourite places to reflect on our week, let Max run around and feed some hungry ducks – Wakehurst Place. We have also now entered the world of annual memberships, that’s right…we are taking our relationship with Wakehurst to the next level. #middleaged

We had a week of rain and being stuck indoors, so this bright Saturday was a very welcome treat. Autumn is fast approaching , my favourite season (before Pinterest said it was cool) and the gardens were beautiful, full of greens and florals, but you could feel the change in seasons happening and if you looked hard enough the orange and reds were starting to take hold.

I am a huge fan of a fresh start, I am New Years Eve’s biggest fan and when the seasons change I fully embrace them. I get organised, I write lists, I exercise and generally make much more of an effort and this might sound over the top, but really, quite simply, it is my own personal kick up the arse to get myself on track.

I long for crisp Autumnal days, but trust me, when the leaves go from crunchy to slushy, I am over it. My next post will be how I am so excited for Christmas! I am so high street!

Working Girl

IMG_9365 IMG_9370 IMG_9378 IMG_9387 IMG_9391

One, I found a corn field and I had a car boot full of balloons from a kids party so “when in Rome” or “when you’re a blogger” – you take opportunities where you find them. Two, I am now a working mum. Hit it Dolly!

Channel Mum have been my biggest supporters for the past year and they have helped me on all aspects of blogging and vlogging. I am so happy to be joining the Channel Mum team to create better content for mothers. That has been my goal throughout this entire journey – to help at least one Mum and I hope this role allows me to help a couple more.

I will still be blogging and vlogging, so don’t worry, nothing will change here, but this blog is about my life and I couldn’t not share this news with you!

I am beyond thrilled (as you can see from the pictures above – I mean, what else could I use these for…really?) Things are about to get busy and better and I cannot wait to create even greater content for you – mothers!

Love Brighton

brighton12 brighton13brighton15 brighton17brighton16 brighton14IMG_4577 IMG_4578

Last weekend, we found ourselves in a serious post holiday blues slump, we returned on the Friday and had no plans for the weekend. Instead of moping around the house and complaining about the lack of heated pools and magic pillow chocolates after 6pm, we decided to venture out and about in our hometown, Brighton. We live about a 20 minute walk from the sea, but it is easy to forget between park play dates, chores and Sunday roast dinners. This past Saturday, we found ourselves venturing to the end of the world, to go and see the sea.

Not only are we lucky enough to live by the coast, but we live in a ‘seaside town’ complete with entertainment for the whole family 24/7. We have the pier, with it’s death defying roller coasters and spinny machines (technical name) for the more adventurous human and we have the loveliest prom full of shops, eateries, parks and pools. We take all of this for granted. Of course.

It was the sunniest day in a long while, but with the hint of Autumn blowing on the breeze – it was perfect. We walked into Brighton and Max snoozed in the Bugaboo, which meant we even managed a cheeky soda pop on the seafront with just the sound of the waves to keep us company. Eventually Max awoke, well rested and ready to embrace the busy prom, full of art, history, characters and life. We watched the carousel go round and round, humming its circus theme and we lost a lot of pound coins to ride on cars, diggers and buses that didn’t work. Luckily Max was happy to just sit in them.

It was perfect and was one of those days that made us realise just how lucky we are to live here and hopefully the memory will keep us going through the cold and blowy winter. Winter is coming.

Eat: The Breakfast Club, Brighton

My Moviebrighton1brighton 5brighton4brighton2brighton 3

This past week, we visited The infamous Breakfast Club for brunch sans child. We had a “date breakfast”. If you have mini humans who depend on you to survive, as if you were their very own Bear Grylls, then you will know that “dates” or time with your significant other are hard to come by. It has taken us 2.5 years, but with the help of nursery, Mr B and I are managing to give ourselves time. Time is a magical concept to us and something we completely took for granted before child, but when we have it – we do it right!

The Breakfast Club is the new talk of Brighton town since opening a couple of months ago. It is kind of a big deal, because all the BC’s are in London, but lucky us – they are taking a chance on Brighton-ians, because we needed more places for the ‘cool’ kids who love a smashed avocado on toast to go. Am I right?

Situated in the heart of the “posh lanes”, otherwise known as the South Lanes, The Breakfast Club cannot be missed, it has a bright yellow exterior and a line out the door. Unfortunately if you’re hungry – the cafe is popular, but fortunately for BC and you, the location is large and can accommodate YOU.

We went along on a weekday morning (privileges of having a BN1 postcode) and were seated immediately. We went big and got 2 large breakfasts with all the smashed avocado we could possibly manage. The food was delicious and the portions were perfect. We couldn’t leave without a couple of coffees and a green juice, which was recommended by our waitress and thank goodness, because it was nutritious and refreshing.

If you’re in Brighton and want a place to visit, that is in the ‘heart of it all’, it all being the best shops, close to the beach and main high street, then check out The Breakfast Club on Market Street. If you can go as a couple or with friends, then good for you, but BC would be awesome for your mini people too. It is bright, colourful, the food arrives fast and the coffee is strong. Need I say more?

Review: Fisher-Price Rollin’ Ramps Garage

IMG_9135 IMG_9154 IMG_9151 IMG_9140 IMG_9137 IMG_9148 IMG_9142When Fisher-Price asked me if Max would like to review the Little People Rollin Ramps Garage…I said YES! Look at it.

It is everything I hate – bright red, blue and yellow (because it wasn’t bright enough – it needed more colours), plastic, large, but Max LOVES it. It has two ramps or “car slides” if you’re 2 years old. You can park at least 8 cars on the roof and if your car needs a “drink” or petrol if you’re older than 17 years old then you, my driving pal – are sorted.

This Fisher-Price garage is available HERE for £29.99