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Living Room Edit



Our living room or lounge is the heart of the home for us, we relax in this space, we converse, we consume, we eat, we laugh and we play. Did I mention TV? That is the consuming part. ‘Fargo’, ‘Ray Donovan’, ‘Making a Murderer’…the Netflix list continues. I digress.

I get asked a lot via Twitter, Instagram and especially YouTube about my living room space – mainly because it is the only one that YOU really see and we have recently completed our renovations so at this point in time – it could be described as ‘our dream room’. It is exactly to our specification down to the last throw and coaster. Now, I must add that we have been extremely lucky or fortunate to ‘start again’, what I mean is that we moved across the globe and back again with a suitcase and a baby. So when we finally moved back to Brighton after travelling and working in Asia for three years, we got the chance to fill our dream home with our dream things, because we had nothing to begin with. Does that make sense?

The images and links are a fraction of what fills our living room, but you get the gist and if you would like to see more of these, hollaa! and I will see what I can do. The main colours are greys, yellows and touches of copper, gold and rose. We have a statement sofa from Loaf called Dixie in Espresso and we just ripped out a fake fireplace and replaced it with a beautiful Chilli Penguin woodburner in cream, which was perfect timing as temperatures have dropped to Arctic levels recently.

I love our living room, mainly because I feel like I spent years visiting friends homes and had serious FOMO – they were personal spaces, full of knick knacks and things that were important to them and condo living in Asia just was not that for us. We had a house, but not a home. When we moved back to Brighton – finding our dream home was no easy task and we ended up buying a nice house, but it has taken over 2 years to become what it is today, a home.

Now we have slippers so you know its official.

I hope this helps you if you want to know where I shop for our interiors and thank you for all your kind messages and comments about the house – I always try to reply with where items are from or I will always try to suggest similar items. Either way, thanks and I hope this inspires you if you are that way inclined. I know the New Year always gets me thinking of fresh starts, next up the bathroom. Sigh.

Natasha Bailie – The Living Room Edit:

  1. John Lewis Harlequin Rug
  2. Grey Wool Throw
  3. John Lewis Copper Lamp
  4. Next Knitted Pod Pouffe
  5. Oliver Bonas Copper Shelf
  6. Oliver Bonas Letter “B”
  7. Annie Timothy ‘Chalk Pits’ Print
  8. Bloomingville Copper TeaLight Holder
  9. Jo Malone ‘Wild Fig & Cassis” Candle
  10. Habitat Fake Aloe Plant
  11. H&M Home Cushion, Grey Mix. Velvet & Patterned.

I’m PMSing and WHAT?

Remember the preggo days when you basically skipped around with your fresh vagina that never bothered you for like 9 months? Oh and then you have the bambino and it is like a scene from ‘Reservoir Dogs’ for 6-8 weeks? Karma is a bitch and she hates women.
Max turns 3 years old in roughly 2 weeks, but ever since I created a human – my vagina has had it out for me. I now have a 3 week cycle – I mean how the f**k does that happen? Basically I feel like I am either coming down from an intense case of PMS or building up to it like a scene from ‘The Perfect Storm’. Although for everyone else who lives with me it is much more like ‘Tremors’ mixed with the ‘Buffy’ season where she goes mental and hangs out with Faith a lot and gives major side eye in head to toe leather. You get me? Or I am basically Dawson from ‘Dawson’s Creek’ – crying and using big words to describe my vagina and the feelings in my heart – of which there are many. All the feelings.
It is a nightmare!
So leave me alone. I am PMSing. Don’t even mention Evening Primrose Oil…

Feel the Fibre Force

I never realised just how attached to my lions mane I was until Max popped out and I lost it all. Hair loss after pregnancy is not uncommon and happens to most of us and it did and does grow back, it just means you and the sprog have a similar kind of do. My hair loss, at the beginning did not bother me, I mean to say that I internalised my hair loss shame, but on the surface I remained bright and breezy about it and simply shrugged it off as one to add to the list of complaints:

  1. Sore nipples
  2. Bleeding nipples
  3. Cracked nipples
  4. Bad back
  5. Leaking nipples
  6. Engorged breasts
  7. Hair loss

As you can see – everything tit related got my full attention. Plus my ‘baby hairs’ could be tamed with a lick and a promise and so like everyone else I presumed, I muddled through. Since bambino my hair has never been the same, loss had made it thin and flat and I stupidly kept asking my hairdresser/s for fringes and layers – which actually means they just ended up hacking away the hair I did have. I decided to never get it cut again until I looked insane and so had to. This is when I found Val! Val Cussell introduced me to BC Fibre Force by Schwarzkopf  – a repair treatment for badly damaged or eroded hair.

It is not a miracle worker – you don’t just shampoo your locks and wake up as Elsa the next day, but I, with the instruction of Val started a 3 treatment course. The course included the shampoo, conditioner, hair therapy treatment, leave in heat spray and the pure Keratin gel, which was applied onto my roots and tips in the salon only. After my first session, my hair felt plumper. After my second session my hair felt swishy again and I decided to have the ends chopped and finally let go of my wispy thin bits. Why do we hang onto things that drag us down? I am the first to admit that I know hair is a fickle thing to get upset about, but when you are a new mother, you come last on the list and I felt so tired of looking so tired if that makes sense?

I had my last session just before Christmas and I almost wept with hair pride, I couldn’t believe the after picture was my hair. I am so grateful to Val who not only lovingly held my hand through the process and listened to my issues, but guided me with knowledge, experience and advice. I have now finished my treatment and firstly, I feel a million bucks for doing something about it and secondly, my hair looks so much better.


This is not a sponsored post and I was not compensated for the treatment or asked to promote products or Val. I simply found something that works and I had to share it with you, because it has been a huge game changer for me and my lion mane. fibreforce

The Big Boy Bed

This is not a how to, so apologies if you have stumbled upon this post in hope of a resolution or actual advice, this is quite simply ‘a moment’. Now what I am about to say might make me dead inside or sound like a cold wet fish, but stick with me. I follow a lot of mothers online….I follow, I diligently like, double tap and share (like you), but where I have seen other mothers coo and blog about first haircuts and first shoes, I have remained quiet. This is because these moments have come and gone in my life, but I didn’t feel even a slight emotional stirring about either ‘first’. So yes, I have been known to fake a ‘coo’ and an occasional ‘ahh’ when other mums give me that look, you know where they expect more from you and your feelings.

Listen, I am self aware enough to know I sound like Dexter, even I had an internal word with myself, but to me, these ‘firsts’ didn’t warrant a whatsapp group discussion or a filtered square image. For a short while I wondered if poor Max was stuck with an emotionally frozen mother – just call me Elsa! BUT then the ‘big boy bed’ happened. The BBB simply means that the cot prison bars were removed and whilst this may seem like a small transition – it felt like a huge deal for us. Of course the bars going also means that Max definitely is not a baby any longer, so there is that, but again I don’t feel emotional because he is not a baby, far from it. I am glad he is old enough to ask me for things and not cry for hours and sleep, did I mention sleep?

Max in a bed that does not resemble a cot is just another step forward in his life and it is these moments that make me realise, not that he is just growing up, but that he is a real person and soon he will have opinions that won’t match mine and that I am solely responsible for shaping him. The pressure is immense and sometimes all consuming. At this point he looks to me for safety, love and care, but also as a guide, which can be scary, because I don’t know what is around the corner that could shake or make us, but I feel safe in the knowledge that we can handle anything as long as we are together. So there is that, but yes the BBB has happened and it is a big change and an even bigger first and it has made Max grow up and me philosophical apparently.

A few things about the BBB – he falls out of it a lot, which is both hilarious and heartbreaking. Safety guards are en route via Amazon Prime.

He does not get out of bed, which was a huge worry for us as we love a lie in, instead he plays with lego in bed until we go in. Strange and curious and fucking epic.

We read books in bed, which is the dream – you know the dream they sell you in the movies? Call me Doris Day!

I am Cleansing, Please don’t TALK to me.



I recently got introduced to Bethanie Lunn, (a lifestyle and parent blogger & vlogger) via instagram and the rest as they say is history. Bethanie and I met and soon realised that our missions in life are aligned – we want to help mothers. We are not experts, we don’t promise to have all the answers, but if we can help at least one woman who thinks she is “just a mum” – then we did better than yesterday. You, my dear are not JUST a mum, YOU are a MUM and chances are you’re a mighty fine one too, but it is easy to get lost under the snot, that weird rash and something “so and so” said about organic mush.

Welcome to #MumCheats! The mothers guide to faking it till she makes it. We want to bring you tips, tricks and experience from the front line of the playground to help you out. Whether you want 2 minute beauty tricks, advice on style due to identity theft (aka becoming a parent) or simply a guide to making the most of your mini humans nap time – we are HERE and hopefully….so will you. This is a two way street and we want to lift the veil of ‘followers’, ‘readers’, ‘subscribers’, ‘viewers’ and ‘likes’ and start engaging with you, the people behind the clicks.

So we have started a linky for parent bloggers and vloggers called #MumCheats – we want to collaborate with you.

Every month, the lovely Bethanie Lunn and I will bring you a new and exciting topic to get involved with, while giving you tons of inspiration (hopefully) while we’re at it.

All the topics will be based around #MumCheats – that’s tips and tricks, short cuts, speedy solutions, ANYTHING that makes our lives easier as hectic, busy mums.

The idea is that we all link up and become part of a community where we get to share both our wisdom and woes. After all, being a parent isn’t easy but there are ways to make things easier, and there is no better than way having an honest chat with other mums to know you’re not alone.

We’re kicking it all off with our Top Five Mum Cheats. Just watch the video below and have a quick read of the terms and off we go. We can’t wait to see what you come up with. What is your top #MumCheat?

Have fun doing it and Merry Christmas.

Natasha and Bethanie x

Watch the Video:

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Here’s How:

You can link up to one post every month

Grab the code below to display the #MumCheats badge with pride (just paste it into the HTML option of your blogging platform), wherever you wish in the post (most people display it at the bottom like me below)

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Finally, if you follow us both – we’ll keep in touch that way too (my social links are below and to the right, you’ll find me on twitter as @natashabailie and Beth @BethanieLunn

The Milk Stand
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My New Years Resolutions – Drink More.

‘It’s that time of year…’ when you are a parent and you realise that NYE just means another wild Saturday night where you think about moving your furniture around and possibly initiating “a stop drinking gin every night in 2016 rule”. So stupid. Its like ‘FETCH’ – it’s just never going to happen.

Or you might be contemplating writing down your new years resolutions, that will no doubt include the following:

My new years resolutions before making a human…

Stop drinking in January and plan a detox schedule.

Start spinning or pilates.

Find the perfect bra that matches your perky and optimistic personality.

Shop for jeans. Make sure they are as uplifting as your spirit.

Take long walks.

Embrace hobbies.

Travel the world.

Save money.

Be nice.


My new years resolutions after making a human…

Keep drinking in January – your kid turns three, we don’t know whats going to happen.

Stop paying for spinning and pilate classes that you do not frequent, that is good GIN money.

Wash that one white/grey bra at the bottom of the wash basket – good as new.

Buy ‘mom jeans’.

Practice your parallel parking. It is a skill.

Sleep is your new hobby. Embrace your hobbies.

Streetview Google. Done. Also sing “I can show you the world” from Aladdin.

Start couponing and make it rain on the cashier with all your deals.

Be nice to yourself, because everyone else talks about you behind your back fat.



What are your new years resolutions for 2016? Do you make them?

Capturing Christmas

LG recently contacted me and asked me to help them promote a very cool competition they are currently running, where YOU could win a 49 inch TV just by sharing your favourite Christmas Movie and quote. All you have to do is Tweet @LGUK a line from your favourite Xmas movie and include the hashtag #LGcapuringXmas

I love movies, but Christmas movies are such a huge part of the festive season for me and my family. I love the nostalgia, my family grew up watching TV and film and we turned out all rightish. This week I introduced Max to ELF and I was not sure if he would peel away half way through or fall asleep, but I made popcorn, we threw a log on the burner and got settled. He loved it. He laughed and laughed and we have had to watch it every day since. Why do I always forget that toddlers ruin movies for you? – because I don’t care if it was nominated and won 15 Oscars – on the 100th viewing, nothing is that good.

Check out my video above to here about my favourite Christmas traditions, what we plan to do as a family this year and please watch for my amazing impression/quote from my favourite Xmas movie. What is your favourite Christmas movie? Tell @LGUK and don’t forget to use #LGCapturingXmas

Check out this link for all the details: http://www.lg.com/uk/capturing-xmas-competition

*Disclosure: Compensation was provided by LG. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of LG

What a Year….

As a mother and if I am honest as a person…I am the last to pat myself on the back, actually come to think of it – I don’t know if I ever have. I have always been at the top of the pyramid when it comes to cheerleading my friends, but I have never been able to do the same for myself, but this year it all changed. 2015 has been MY year.

I fully embraced YouTube and it is now my full time job.

It has taken the whole of 2015, but Max is now fully settled in to nursery and thriving.

I now drink red wine…I am so fucking grown up.

I discovered Gin.

I started running.

It has taken 2 years and 9 months, but I am starting to relax about motherhood, i’m less neurotic and I even have a handbag now, that doesn’t contain sandy raisins or dried up wet wipes.

I found Charlotte Peach.

Channel Mum found me and completely changed my year and possibly my life direction.

My baby became a boy.

The house is finished.

2016 looks to be even greater.

Has it been your year too? Are you making any new year resolutions? Stop looking around to see who you can cheer on and look back at yourself, if only for a minute. You might surprise yourself.

WIN my Exclusive Shopping Haul with E.ON Energy

 howmuchhaul2 haul1 haul3
win mybigbagofstuff

 It’s easy to lose track of how much you’re spending when out shopping for the things you love and especially when you’re with the thing you love the most- the child! First of all mini human type folk have light fingers and clockwork tantrums as soon as you enter a public premises, which makes shopping tricky.

cambridge scarf

Whether it’s a frock you’ve been staring at in a shop window for the past few weeks or that impulse purchase on the way to the checkout, your tightly controlled budget can quickly be forgotten very easily (in my case) – and this doesn’t just happen on the high street. With months of darker, colder evenings ahead, it can become all too easy for energy bills to rise far beyond what you expected, especially when there is no price tag to keep you and your (mostly my) family in check.
So, I want to show you how difficult it can be to keep a track of your spending without any idea of how much things cost. Below is a picture of a recent haul from a shopping spree and, what I want you to do, is tell me how much you think the total price comes to. See below to ENTER THE COMPETITION. The closest to the correct total will win all of the goodies while, for everyone else, it may be a good time to start thinking about ways to keep an eye on your spending. Sob.
Thankfully, for those of you wanting to get a grip on how much you spend on energy, help is at hand. E.ONs smart pay as you go meter allows you to keep tight control on how much you spend on energy by showing exactly how much you’re using in real time. All of which means you’ll have some extra cash to spend on the things you really love… Good luck!eon2 eon3
This competition is brought to you in partnership with E.ON. See if you could save money with their gas and
electricity deals today. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.
Items included in haul: Cambridge Satchel in red with push lock, “But first coffee” cup, Strong Brow Game pouch with Eyeko brow products, ‘Happiness’ book, two Moleskin plain journals in Violet, 2016 planner, Orla Kiely set of 3 candles, Nars red lip Steven Klein ‘obsession’ set, ‘Let’s kiss and make-up’ bag, oversized square scarf, Capri blue velvet in moss & jasmine candle.
TO ENTER, all you have to do is go straight to my Rafflecopter giveaway and guesstimate the total cost of my shopping haul – the person who guesses the amount or gets close to the amount wins the ENTIRE SHOPPING HAUL! Yes, I will send you everything that is pictured or listed above. It will be all yours!

This competition will be open until the 4th December. Winner will be contacted by me via email address.

Terms and conditions

-The prize is non-transferable and no cash alternative is offered
-Open to UK residents aged 18 and over
-The competition opening date is 16th November 2015 and the closing date for entries is 4th December 2015
-One entry per person
-Entrants must log into Rafflecopter and leave a comment guessing the total amount the items shown come to
-The winner will be chosen by using a random number generator build into the Rafflecopter widget and will be contacted direct on the email address provided.
-If the winner does not respond within 7 days a new winner will be drawn.
-The winner’s name will be available on request.
-By entering this competition participants consent to their full name being available by request from The Milkstand
-The prize will be sent within 28 days of receipt of the winner’s address
-E.ON reserves the right to amend or withdraw the competition at any time without notice or liability
-Entry to this competition confirms that participants have read, understood and agree to be bound by these Terms and Conditions
-This competition is governed by the laws of England and any dispute shall be governed by the English courts.