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A Change

wake1 wake2 wake3 wake4 wake5 wake6

This past weekend, we visited one of our favourite places to reflect on our week, let Max run around and feed some hungry ducks – Wakehurst Place. We have also now entered the world of annual memberships, that’s right…we are taking our relationship with Wakehurst to the next level. #middleaged

We had a week of rain and being stuck indoors, so this bright Saturday was a very welcome treat. Autumn is fast approaching , my favourite season (before Pinterest said it was cool) and the gardens were beautiful, full of greens and florals, but you could feel the change in seasons happening and if you looked hard enough the orange and reds were starting to take hold.

I am a huge fan of a fresh start, I am New Years Eve’s biggest fan and when the seasons change I fully embrace them. I get organised, I write lists, I exercise and generally make much more of an effort and this might sound over the top, but really, quite simply, it is my own personal kick up the arse to get myself on track.

I long for crisp Autumnal days, but trust me, when the leaves go from crunchy to slushy, I am over it. My next post will be how I am so excited for Christmas! I am so high street!

Working Girl

IMG_9365 IMG_9370 IMG_9378 IMG_9387 IMG_9391

One, I found a corn field and I had a car boot full of balloons from a kids party so “when in Rome” or “when you’re a blogger” – you take opportunities where you find them. Two, I am now a working mum. Hit it Dolly!

Channel Mum have been my biggest supporters for the past year and they have helped me on all aspects of blogging and vlogging. I am so happy to be joining the Channel Mum team to create better content for mothers. That has been my goal throughout this entire journey – to help at least one Mum and I hope this role allows me to help a couple more.

I will still be blogging and vlogging, so don’t worry, nothing will change here, but this blog is about my life and I couldn’t not share this news with you!

I am beyond thrilled (as you can see from the pictures above – I mean, what else could I use these for…really?) Things are about to get busy and better and I cannot wait to create even greater content for you – mothers!

Love Brighton

brighton12 brighton13brighton15 brighton17brighton16 brighton14IMG_4577 IMG_4578

Last weekend, we found ourselves in a serious post holiday blues slump, we returned on the Friday and had no plans for the weekend. Instead of moping around the house and complaining about the lack of heated pools and magic pillow chocolates after 6pm, we decided to venture out and about in our hometown, Brighton. We live about a 20 minute walk from the sea, but it is easy to forget between park play dates, chores and Sunday roast dinners. This past Saturday, we found ourselves venturing to the end of the world, to go and see the sea.

Not only are we lucky enough to live by the coast, but we live in a ‘seaside town’ complete with entertainment for the whole family 24/7. We have the pier, with it’s death defying roller coasters and spinny machines (technical name) for the more adventurous human and we have the loveliest prom full of shops, eateries, parks and pools. We take all of this for granted. Of course.

It was the sunniest day in a long while, but with the hint of Autumn blowing on the breeze – it was perfect. We walked into Brighton and Max snoozed in the Bugaboo, which meant we even managed a cheeky soda pop on the seafront with just the sound of the waves to keep us company. Eventually Max awoke, well rested and ready to embrace the busy prom, full of art, history, characters and life. We watched the carousel go round and round, humming its circus theme and we lost a lot of pound coins to ride on cars, diggers and buses that didn’t work. Luckily Max was happy to just sit in them.

It was perfect and was one of those days that made us realise just how lucky we are to live here and hopefully the memory will keep us going through the cold and blowy winter. Winter is coming.

Eat: The Breakfast Club, Brighton

My Moviebrighton1brighton 5brighton4brighton2brighton 3

This past week, we visited The infamous Breakfast Club for brunch sans child. We had a “date breakfast”. If you have mini humans who depend on you to survive, as if you were their very own Bear Grylls, then you will know that “dates” or time with your significant other are hard to come by. It has taken us 2.5 years, but with the help of nursery, Mr B and I are managing to give ourselves time. Time is a magical concept to us and something we completely took for granted before child, but when we have it – we do it right!

The Breakfast Club is the new talk of Brighton town since opening a couple of months ago. It is kind of a big deal, because all the BC’s are in London, but lucky us – they are taking a chance on Brighton-ians, because we needed more places for the ‘cool’ kids who love a smashed avocado on toast to go. Am I right?

Situated in the heart of the “posh lanes”, otherwise known as the South Lanes, The Breakfast Club cannot be missed, it has a bright yellow exterior and a line out the door. Unfortunately if you’re hungry – the cafe is popular, but fortunately for BC and you, the location is large and can accommodate YOU.

We went along on a weekday morning (privileges of having a BN1 postcode) and were seated immediately. We went big and got 2 large breakfasts with all the smashed avocado we could possibly manage. The food was delicious and the portions were perfect. We couldn’t leave without a couple of coffees and a green juice, which was recommended by our waitress and thank goodness, because it was nutritious and refreshing.

If you’re in Brighton and want a place to visit, that is in the ‘heart of it all’, it all being the best shops, close to the beach and main high street, then check out The Breakfast Club on Market Street. If you can go as a couple or with friends, then good for you, but BC would be awesome for your mini people too. It is bright, colourful, the food arrives fast and the coffee is strong. Need I say more?

Review: Fisher-Price Rollin’ Ramps Garage

IMG_9135 IMG_9154 IMG_9151 IMG_9140 IMG_9137 IMG_9148 IMG_9142When Fisher-Price asked me if Max would like to review the Little People Rollin Ramps Garage…I said YES! Look at it.

It is everything I hate – bright red, blue and yellow (because it wasn’t bright enough – it needed more colours), plastic, large, but Max LOVES it. It has two ramps or “car slides” if you’re 2 years old. You can park at least 8 cars on the roof and if your car needs a “drink” or petrol if you’re older than 17 years old then you, my driving pal – are sorted.

This Fisher-Price garage is available HERE for £29.99

Escape : Pine Cliffs Resort

HAVE TODDLER, WILL TRAVEL | NATASHA BAILIE portugal 2 portugal 3 portugal 4 portugal 6 portugal 7 portugal 8 porugal 5


It is officially a ‘back to reality’ kind of Monday here, in Casa Bailie. We have just returned from our family holiday in Portugal and with quite a thud. Think of the Sunday blues, plus that going back to school feeling and you get the picture. We were away for five days and stayed at the Pine Cliffs resort in Albufeira, Algarve via Smith & Family and had the best time.

‘Best Time’ is not something I ever thought I would say when travelling with kids is involved, but thanks to Smith & Family doing all the hard work for me and narrowing my search for ‘luxury pads with kids’ we found paradise in the Algarve.

Pine Cliffs is not just a resort, it is a destination, it has a hotel, villas, townhouses, a golf course, a spa and a children’s village – complete with pool, mini golf and a playground. There are enough pools and restaurants for you to never dip or eat in the same place for a weeks stay, which is impressive and honestly sounds like my worst nightmare (bc – before child), but Pine Cliffs manages the magical cocktail of luxury with child perfectly.

The resort is large and low rise and perfect for a family vacation. We had the added bonus of staying in a self catering townhouse (no breakfast buffets for us) and visited the same week all the older kids go back to school in the UK, so ‘the summer season’ was technically over and we basically had the place to ourselves. The beach was stunning, clean and clear and I noticed a lot of Portuguese ‘tourists’, which can only be a good thing. The sea was calm and refreshing after a mornings sun session, playing diggers and cars in the sand.

Pine Cliffs resort is located on top of a cliff (who knew?) and they have built a lift to take you straight down to the beach, which offers Instagram worthy views and fun for little people. We actually just visited Brighton beach this past weekend and Max asked where the lift had gone?! Haha.

This holiday went so well and I only say that, because we left not quite knowing how Max was going to deal with a dramatic change in routine, especially since he has dropped his nap. We didn’t know if he would love or hate the plane ride or if he would sleep well etc. There were a lot of unknowns and we hate surprises, so we were nervous for our trip, but it could not of gone better. The change was good, our break was restful and it felt like a holiday.

It suddenly feels like the possibilities are endless and we cannot wait to share more of the globe with Max. It must be so strange to be a toddler, their world is your world – whatever you decide to show them, they see or don’t. Max’s speech and comprehension has come on leaps and bounds in the past month and he is still chatting about our holiday to anyone who will listen and it feels me with such joy and love. I cannot wait to share the world with this kid and create memories we will all cherish as a family.

Visit : Sussex Prairie Garden

sussexprarie0 sussexprarie1 sussexprarie2 sussexprarie3 sussexprarie4 sussexprarie5 sussexprarie6 sussexprarie7A couple of weeks ago we visited Sussex Prairie Gardens situated at Morlands Farm in the heart of the South Downs on possibly the hottest Saturday ever. When will I learn how to dress appropriately for summer? I am a 31 year old woman who wears black skinny jeans on hot days and dresses on wet days…it is possibly a disease?!

The prairie gardens consist of eight acres of land surrounded by oak trees, complete with large planted borders and free flowing flowers, grass and textures. Visitors are encouraged to roam free and into the plants and flowers for a unique experience and adventure.

I have noticed that we sought these kind of days out, me…gardens…walking…me. Once you create a human/have a mini person who drops their one nap, you too will find these kind of days are your saviour. Large open spaces where the little ones can run, breathe in fresh air and you can take joy in the knowledge that there is a cafe that sells cake.

Our day out had the added bonus of Grandma and Grandad, who took the time to talk to Max about every flower he took a fancy to and chased him around the sculptures and plant nurseries. The prairie’s season is still underway, but ends on October 11th, so you still have time if you fancy a fun filled day with little people.

My Filtered Life


It was brought to my attention recently that a friend of a friend unfollowed me on Instagram as I was “too aspirational”. I still don’t know if this is a joke, because my life is more about perspiration than aspiration, but a bit of ‘Valencia’ and a square profile changes all of that and somehow equates to “your life is fucking awesome”. I cannot blame the pal, I too am guilty of such activity. My Instagram feed consists of mainly relaxed, hip mothers who ‘seem’ to find time to work like a #BOSS, get a professional blow dry, craft with their toddlers in large white kitchens, wear red lipstick and still find time to pose in-front of brick walls for blogs that people actually read. So why do we do this to ourselves?

It isn’t just Instagram of course, it’s the entire world wide web and all its various and popular ways of socially sharing your existence and experiences. Just as we get frustrated with magazines and their ‘size zero models’ and ‘photoshop extremes’, we are starting to get frustrated with the ‘real people’ that we choose to follow too in the hope that they share their ‘real life’, not hide it.

Of course, no one wants to share an image of an un-smashed avocado, an ugly selfie or a cracked nipple, but it is ‘real life’ so why hide the bad bits and only share the good bits? Is it a numbers game? Do the ‘likes’ and the ‘follows’ matter? Or is it, quite simply, harder to document the tricky, more ‘real’ bits?

If you watch my vlogs, you will know that I am ‘honest’, I don’t sugar coat the tantrums, the fussy eating and I can often be found sitting on the stairs having a cry and filming it, but I won’t also think ‘Oh, what this situation needs is a selfie” and there lies the problem. About 20 mins later, I will be out of the eye of the toddler storm and baking cookies, having a giggle and sharing the experience, but by sharing that part of the picture – I am not telling YOU the whole story. Does this matter?

In real life, when we have a conversation with someone’s real life face the same happens almost every day. If someone asks “how are you?”, we all say “good, OK” and quickly move the attention away from ourselves by throwing it right back. In my experience, people often seem genuinely shocked when I say I am struggling or need advice. I am always surprised by their surprise and it isn’t because I am ‘aspirational’ or there are 2 versions of me (internet me and real me), it’s simply because they asked and so I answer with no filter, but they are dealing with their own struggles, their own life and they were just using their polite filter. It is so subtle. It gets me every time.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some folk that you have on speed dial when the boat hits an iceberg and they will talk you off burning bridges and cure you of disease, but most people and especially mothers… are busy. Busy bringing up humans in a world of filters and confusion. They are the same mothers who are dealing with it, whilst also trying to craft in white kitchens, wear red lipstick and pose in-front of brick walls. So give them a break and always be polite.

NEW Annabel Karmel’s : Chicken Nasi Goreng

IMG_8548 IMG_8555 IMG_8567 IMG_8571 IMG_8574Annabel Karmel has updated her original ‘Complete baby and toddler meal planner’ book and brought out a new deluxe illustrated version with 200 super quick and easy recipes for weaning your little ones.

Annabel Karmel has helped me every step of the way when it has come to weaning Max from breastfeeding to baby rice to solid food. I also found the advice about fussy eating to be life saving, I was losing my marbles when Max would only eat beige food and there was an Ella’s Kitchen pouch addiction to also break. It still blows my mind when we sit down at dinner time and we are all eating the same meal.

The new book is easy, informative and best of all, you probably have most of the ingredients in your cupboard. As soon as the book arrived I flicked through with Max and he chose Nasi Goreng as our dish for that night. I have found that involving him in the cooking process has really cured his fussy eating, he loves to help and I love that he is part of the journey from kitchen and oven to dining room table.

Considering this was the first time he has had Nasi Goreng, I was so surprised how fast he got stuck in, with not so much as a wince or a ‘no’. Thanks Annabel – you have done it again!

Mothers – I have an extra book for one of my lovely readers, simply leave a comment below and a name will be picked at random using randompicker .

Party like an Ogre with Sky Movies

shrek1IMG_4363shrek2shrek3 IMG_8416 IMG_8409 IMG_8401 IMG_8394 IMG_8391shrek 5PicMonkey Collage
With the help of Sky Movies, we just put on the best Shrek themed party ever! We invited everyone we knew over to watch Shrek, eat popcorn and take a selfie with the giant Shrek cardboard cut out, complete with Shrek and Donkey ears. I think everyone is still coming down from their sugar high, days after our big Sky Movies event.

Sky were very kind and gifted us an enormous ‘party pack’ that was filled with everything we could possibly need to throw an awesome party for our friends and they have been very generous and offered one of my readers the chance to win a FREE NOW TV box and a 3 Month Sky Movies Pass! Woop, woop!

All you have to do to enter the competition is click HERE and Good luck.

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This post was sponsored by Sky Movies.