Green People

April 22, 2014

No, not aliens, but the company. Green People are the company behind my favourite organic baby skin care, their lotions and potions have got Max through many dry skin patches and nappy rashes.

April is skin awareness month and Green People are currently offering a further 10% off all their products and you can visit their website by clicking HERE.


greenpeople1Disclaimer: Green People sent me some products to review, but I have honestly been buying their creams and washes for Max since he was tinee tiny and I love the company and ethos. This post is not biased and is based on my experience and use. 

Reading with Baby

April 17, 2014

photo 3.jpg

“It’s terribly kind of you, Fox, but no – I’m going to have lunch with a gruffalo.”

I probably read ‘The Gruffalo’ at least 6 times a day and ‘The Snail and the Whale’ and ‘The Tiger who came to Tea’ and any other book that Max throws at me whilst backing onto my knees for his optimum reading position. It is the cutest thing and I love reading to him just as much as he loves to turn the pages and point out every dog, bird and weird looking mouse. 

A play date pal recently commented on Max’s reading habit as she was frustrated that her little nugget was not doing the same and we were in a library, so books were the main theme, its not like Max was reading on the slide or something. I feel I should preface this with “I simply got lucky” and I promise that I am feeling my way through this dark abyss called motherhood just like you and I have no ‘real answers’, but I will share my experience with you incase anyone finds it helpful.

We started reading to Max before bed when he was about 6 months old and it was at the same time that I started to wean him off my breast milk. To ease the process we initiated a big circus style of a routine; a long and playful bath, baby massage, one book, a bottle of formula milk, a hug and a kiss and bed. It really helped him to settle into his own room and he forgot he was drinking formula because he was enjoying a good story.

We did and still do this routine every night with slight variations and instead of one book before the big sleep, he is read at least five stories and he still points to his book shelf for one more tale before he signs off for the day. Consistency is king and key when encouraging tiny terrors to do anything and it has definitely paid off with books and reading. Max has a bookshelf in his room and in our lounge so he has constant access to his literature of choice. Max’s reading time is also the only time he sits down so it makes sense that a very active 15 month old boy needs some chill out time with Julia Donaldson and friends.

I know he was and still is too young to understand the stories we are telling him, but he seems to enjoy our funny voices and he now loves to get involved too, he turns the pages and oohs and ahhs in all the right places. It is amazing to witness and I am so glad we stuck with it and encouraged him to love his books, because he does and I only hope he continues to enjoy them as much as we enjoy reading them to him (even the seventh time, especially the eighth time).

Happy reading!

NB x

My Week in Pictures : April 7th – 13th

April 14, 2014

When you have a baby, you get lost in time and once your little nugget hits 1, it is go, go, go. Max’s day is filled with food, milk, napping, trips to the park, play dates, reading, Peppa Pig, car rides, dog walks, tantrums, cuddles and bath time and we do this every day. I cannot believe it is Easter already! I guess time flies when you’re having fun? More like ‘time flies when you have a toddler’. I wanted to write a mini post and share what we have been up to, so at least when I am in my ‘Mom Tardis’ I have something to look back on and I can document our comings and goings week by week.

myweek1.jpg myweek2.jpg myweek3.jpg

This week Max discovered his shadow which was very exciting as it bought me at least 15 minutes to browse ASOS. He has met his shadow before, but we live in the UK so we lose it a lot!

Max loves Beyonce…what can I say? Who doesn’t? I am explaining the message behind “Pretty Hurts” and trying to get him to understand the struggles that us lady folk have to go through.

I am obsessed with Cherry Blossom trees, our road is full of them and they are shedding all over the park…Spring has finally sprung!

I love Easter eggs…and hot cross buns…and Cadbury’s Creme Eggs. I ate the mini eggs. Oops.

Max is such a little boy these days, we have play dates with other bubba’s his age and they are so content with just being with their mummy or they are happy to munch in their highchair for half an hour. Max wants to do all of that but also run, grab a stick, crush a snail, chase his shadow, take his shoes off and walk everywhere. This kiddo is into everything! Is this just a boy thing?

Ah…the only time that Max will remain seated for more than 3 minutes is for bath time, he loves it. It is his time with daddy and his rubber ducks. Bath time is the spa, but for babies.

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This Modern Life

April 10, 2014

Need inspiring ideas for your child’s nursery? Look no further than This Modern Life, a great website that offers stylish products for your baby’s wardrobe, toy box, floor, walls, bed and life. I am still decorating Max’s room and This Modern Life is like a breath of fresh air in a sea of ‘baby blue’ and ‘baby pink’. This Modern Life offers parents a stylish alternative for cool and funky kids rooms. Not a Mickey Mouse in sight!


Moon Man Poster £24.95 

Geo Tins £19

Tent £119


Grey Blanket £52

Cloud Long Sleeve £16.50

Soft Toy £16.50


April 10, 2014

“Add to basket”…my new window shopping. Spring has finally sprung and I’m starting to dream of pastels, cottons and silks.

Currently coveting…

image1xxl-1 image1xxl-2 image1xxl-3 image1xxl

VILA Dress £38

ASOS Midi Skirt £40

Needle and Thread Stitch Dress £175

ASOS Cat Shirt £16

Golf Boys

April 9, 2014

maxsgolfclubsLooks like Golf has taken both my boys! Max has hands, likes big sticks and has shown some vague evidence of having good hand and eye coordination, so my husband could not just sit by and let such an opportunity be wasted. This morning Max’s first golf set, complete with balls, a flag, a hole, a mini golf driver, wedge and putter arrived from Smyths Toys. CUTE-NESS.

Watch out Mcilroy! Hello Nike…we are available to talk.

Ikea Presents the BRAKIG Collection

April 8, 2014

The new Ikea Brakig collection is full of everything my little house wants and cannot get to… Damn you Croydon! Launched in February 2014, the Brakig collection is a limited edition range of 30 pieces that include clever storage solutions, textiles, china and small sized furniture. I love the muted pastels, the geo prints and the monochrome patterns. Major home decor swoon.

BRAKIG_Vielfalt ikea-brakig-la-minute-demy nouvelle-collection-ikea-brakig-coussins wpid-hello-ikea-brakig

Mother & Baby : March Favourites

April 7, 2014

Here are a few bits and bobs that got Max and I through March…our MARCH FAVOURITES:


Vaseline ‘Healthy Hands’ Lotion

Neal’s Yard ‘Rejuvenating Frankincense’ Toner

LadyBird Sing-a-long: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star book

Living ETC. Magazine

Small Batch Coffee Company ‘Throwback Espresso’ Beans

Organix Apple Rice Crackers

Prints-ta-gram - Turn your favourite instagram snaps into polaroids!

Sophie La Girafe Baby Bubble Bath

Melissa & Doug Geometric Wooden Stacker

Kate Middleton Makes Long Haul Flying with a Baby Look Very Easy and Chic

April 7, 2014

kateandbabygeorgeroyaltourKate has everything…a Prince, phenomenal hair and the freshest face I have ever seen to come off a long haul flight with a baby under 1! This is not what I looked like flying from Singapore to the UK (14 HOUR FLIGHT) with Max when he was just 10 months old. How does she do it?

Sophie La Girafe Organic Baby Skincare Launches at Harrods

April 6, 2014

sophielagirafeskincareharrodsSophie La Girafe has been a special toy in our house since Max arrived and is every mother’s secret weapon when it comes to teething babies and stimulating senses.

Sophie La Girafe has also been a firm favourite for newborns in France for decades, however it wasn’t until Sophie, was discovered by an English couple with twins who shared the toy with the world that the loveable brand began.

Sophie La Girafe has now expanded their range to include a 7piece organic baby skincare capsule collection and the range will launch in Harrods this month. We cannot wait to try these out over the next few weeks!


• is dermatologically tested – suitable for sensivite skins

• has no allergens used

• has a mild and well tolerated natural scent without scent allergens

• is 100% vegan

The Sophie la Girafe new skincare collection is available in-store at Harrods and on online at from March 2014.