Goodbye Twenties…

July 21, 2014

931771a1c708cf475d311000c5e991abThe countdown has begun and this is officially the last week of my twenties! Whilst I don’t appreciate the things that come with getting older like wrinkles, body hair, chores, bills and clearing up after myself, I do appreciate how much I have grown in the last ten years. I am not talking inches (that is for another day) I mean ‘as a person’. Deep. #so30

Turning 30 is a huge milestone for me, I didn’t think it was – as all my pals made the jump so seamlessly, but with just a week to go I have become terribly reflective and nostalgic for my roaring twenties. I have no idea why, because I made a lot of mistakes, I met the wrong people, I found the right people, I laughed, I cried, I lost, I won, I got married, I started my own business, I started my blog, I moved across the world, I travelled the world, I had a baby and now I am right back in Brighton. Where it all started. Life is funny.

It is hard to dismiss my twenties even though there are definite moments I would like to forget. My last decade shaped me and the woman I am today which sounds terribly cliche, but without all the mistakes, adventures and chance meetings that I encountered I would not be…ME. I am not perfect in any way…far from it…I swear too much, Im stubborn, opinionated, unapologetic and selfish with my time, but I am working on it and aren’t we all just ‘works in progress’?

I am putting a lot onto my 30s…I am hoping to find peace with my decisions and trust my instincts a little more, I am hoping to love and laugh even harder and to start looking like Jennifer Lopez at 40. A lot of pressure, but I think my thirties can take it! Best of all I am looking forward…not dwelling on the past and thinking of what could have been, but making the next decade count and if possible…be even better than my twenties.

Adios 20′s, my best is yet to come and won’t that be fine?

Crying in Public

July 10, 2014

Kim-Kardashian-CryingMy new low gave me the most amazing high today. I cried a lot and then because that was not enough I decided to greet my play date pals with my Kim Kardashian ugly face cry to really ensure I got it all out I’m guessing. Why is it that when you are feeling down a simple ‘how you doing?’ slays you and your eyeballs explode like the ice caps in a David Attenborough Antarctic special? Damn body.

I was simply having ‘one of those days’. Motherhood can be quite the roller coaster and I never know if I am doing ‘it’ right or wrong, but I try my best and you get wonderful days, weeks, moments and memories, but you also get days where it is hard, tiring, you feel guilty, you’re unsure, guessing and doubting yourself and your parenting skills. Motherhood can be tricky to navigate and it can be overwhelming. From as soon as baby arrives you are overwhelmed, with emotions, with questions, with feeding your baby, providing for your child, sleeping, routines etc. etc. Children are ever changing, constantly evolving and that it awesome, but sometimes you crave a little constant.

Today I realised that my constant/s are my friends and thank heavens I have found some really lovely ones. They listened through my blubbering sentences and said all the right things. When you are feeling low it is so important to ‘get out’ and I don’t just mean physically, but mentally – get out of your personal space, seek a different perspective, find a new energy to be around, in a person, a place, a website, in exercise – something that takes you out of your problem and puts you back on track. Today my release was to have a good cry with some good buds who gave good advice.

Thank you ladies x

Easy Green Smoothie Recipe!

July 8, 2014

I have been asked a few times via Instagram, Twitter and by pals about my Nutribullet and my smoothie recipes so I thought I would share the first recipe I ever tried as this is a ‘basic’ and very easy cocktail of green veg and fruits. Great for people who are scared by Kale or don’t want to drink raw spinach. This is also the recipe I have most mornings for breakfast.


I love having a smoothie to start my day and I take great pleasure in the fact that my body is fuelled with super foods and natural energy all before 9am. Having a green smoothie also helps me make healthier choices for the rest of the day.

smoothie2I like to make my own smoothies as I know exactly what has gone into them, how they are going to help me and I can adjust the ingredients to my mood, my hormones, my time, cravings or tasks for the day.


Not only that, but if like me, you find it hard to sit and have a meal without a toddler running in to danger like a magnet then smoothies are the answer for getting good stuff like fruit and veg inside your guts when you have no time.


The Recipe:

Handful of Kale

Small Handful of Frozen Blueberries

A Few Strawberries

One Banana

Tablespoon of Milled Flaxseed

Half a Teaspoon of Spirulina

Cup of Water

It is not an original Natasha Bailie formula or anything, it is a simple cocktail of fruit and veg. The ingredients can be added to, taken away, you can easily replace kale with spinach or swap water for coconut water or almond milk.

The best part about making smoothies is the process so happy blending and please do not hesitate to share some of your favourite green smoothie recipes by leaving a comment below.

Mother & Toddler : June Favourites

July 2, 2014

PicMonkey Collage

It is July, which means it is time for another favourites post…seriously, didn’t I just share my May faves? Where is this year going? Here is everything that both Max and I could not of lived without in June. FYI – I turn 30 at the end of the month, hence the enormous amounts of skincare products I keep featuring in all my posts/instagram/youtube posts etc. Hello ageing process!

Melissa & Doug Tool Kit

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream

Munchkin Stay Put Bowls

Topshop Jamie Jeans

Pop Up Tunnel 

This Works Really Rich Firming Lotion

Little Tikes Turtle Sandbox

Perricone MD Face Finishing Moisturiser

Oasis Kimono

What have you guys been loving throughout June? Any tips on what I should try in July?

Max’s Nursery Tour

June 26, 2014

Here is a short tour of Max’s new nursery, complete with books, teddies, a reading corner, bunting and framed posters and pics. Enjoy!

The Importance of Play Dates

June 24, 2014


When Max first arrived I was confused, tired, emotional and basically a mess with a two tone top knot and a beautiful baby boy. Obviously I was a magnet for other mothers…I mean who wouldn’t want a gal pal like me? Right? I remember being so scared. Scared of breastfeeding, scared when Max slept, scared when he woke up, scared of my C-section scar, scared, scared, scared. The only thing that made me feel normal was getting myself outside and breathing, seeing other people get on with their days can be just the thing that jolts your perspective. You realise that you are not on your own and life is happening all around so crack on and have a good day.

On a particular day I was strolling down the street worrying I had forgot a muslin or breast pad and a loud, curly haired woman with a buggy approached me and had recognised me from our condo block and had obviously seen me pushing Max around and she did something amazing….she asked if I fancied a coffee one day. We swapped numbers and we formed an amazing friendship, one I will always be grateful for and miss everyday now that I am in the UK and she is in Singapore.

This is when I realised the importance of ‘the play date’, because when your bundle of joy is tiny these dates are about getting out of the house, meeting mothers, drinking coffee, talking about fitness, but never doing it and laughing about baby poo and random cowlick hairs. As your little one gets older these dates become ‘play dates’ and it is amazing when your child interacts with another child and they ‘play’. The coffee and the laughing still happens, but so does your support network and friendships.

In the last three days I have had playdates everyday, I have drunk numerous cups of tea and ate far too many biscuits, I have met new mums, pregnant mums and sleepy mums and I realised that I am so lucky to have met these women who all have their own hopes and fears and I appreciate each one so much for coming into my life and days to shake up my world. These play dates might seem like ‘just coffee’, but they give Max so much social stimulation and they give me so much support, advice and comfort. I only hope that I do the same for them.

Playdates are just as important for the mothers as it is for the kids. In the beginning you need all the help you can get and then in the end it is about having people in your life who will listen, understand and share your new journey with you so get out of the house now!

Post Baby Swimwear

June 20, 2014

If like me the words “string”, “bikini”, “lattice” or “thong” actually make you recoil and feel queasy with fear then this is the post for you. So I have pretty much given up on the bikini, I have made my peace with it and the general public will thank me. I was never a huge fan before baby as I was a different size on the bottom to my top and I confused the shop assistants with my un-shop sized body so I am used to having to look for alternatives.

It is almost summer and I thought that I should start my search for the elusive one-piece and my oh my… swimming costumes (another dreaded word – why does it have to be a costume?) have come on leaps and bounds. We have choice people! From cup sizes, to straps, prints and cuts. Here are some of my current post baby friendly swimwear choices:



All the swimwear in this post is available to buy online from ASOS.

Have you found any great swimmers for post baby? Leave a comment below to share your favourite stores, shops, boutiques or brands for other mamas who are in the same boat. Pun intended.


Magnificent Max

June 19, 2014

magnificent stanley 1 magnificentstanley2

Max’s awesome and personalised ‘M’ tee arrived from Magnificent Stanley and I had to share it. Magnificent Stanley specialises in high quality handmade children’s clothing. The lovely owner, Becky uses the finest Liberty prints and hand appliqué so each garment is unique and super stylish.

Initially I was very scared by how white this gorgeous tee is, especially now Max wants to feed himself. He basically poured spaghetti bolognese down himself about an hour after these photographs were taken and I did not treat the stain, bad mama! So you can imagine my surprise and joy when it came out of the washing machine bright white. Honestly, I thought I was in a Persil ad.

Check out the Magnificent Stanley website and choose your garment of choice, browse the array of prints, slogans and initials and make your little ones clothing stand out. The ‘WOW’ tee is next on my hit list as it is apparently Max’s favourite new word. You can choose from toddler tees to baby onesies, which would make great gifts for the new bambinos in your life or a baby shower present.

My Morning Skincare Routine

June 17, 2014


I am turning 30 next month and the last year of my twenties has been spent sleeping standing up with a bambino on my shoulder so a skin regime had to be initiated pronto. This is my current morning skin care routine, I have a completely different one for the evening….(more on that soon).

Good for you if you are 24 years old and reading this in bed with a magazine and a cup of tea! Good for you.


Clinique Clarifying Lotion This gives me that great “I have thoroughly washed my face” feeling and I could not start my day without it.

Clinique Take the Day off Balm Recommended by Caroline Hirons so it must be OK. This balm has changed the way I take my make up off and clean my face.

This Works Perfect Skin Super Moisturiser This is the first month I have started to use this moisturiser, but I am in love with it. My face feels like it has had a lovely drink upon application. It has a ‘spa’ like smell too, which I appreciate.

Clinique Anti Blemish Gel I am still on the fence about this product, but it was not cheap so I will be using it till its very last drop. I think I have more blemishes than before. I do enjoy the initial sting and cooling effect, but I prefer to use plain tea tree oil.

Origins Ginzing Eye Cream I bought this a few weeks ago after a friend recommended it to me and I love it. I noticed a difference within a week. My eyes were brighter and less puffy.

Vaseline Cocoa Butter Confession : I just love the smell! The application is not too bad either, but I loathe the minutes you have to wait to let it all soak into your body. That is precious coffee drinking time!

This Works Really Rich Firming Lotion The jury is out on this one, I have only been using it in the last week. Since I stopped breast feeding and started running more, my breasts have and are taking a beating on a regular basis so they need some TLC asap. I love the consistency and smell…so far.

Batiste Dry Shampoo I could go on and on about Batiste dry shampoo for days. I used to wash my hair everyday and now I wash it twice a week and the volume is sensational.

Dove Pure Rollerball Deodorant This rollerball glides beautifully and smells heavenly. Leaves me fresh and feeling ready for the day.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

June 11, 2014

fathers day 1 fathersdaygifts2

Looking for gift ideas this father’s day? I have put together a selection of presents for the dads in your life. Don’t forget that fathers day is this Sunday!

Ginger Pig Meat Book £22 – A book dedicated to meaty recipes. For dads who love to spend their Saturday mornings at the butchers!

True Detective DVD Box set £24.99 - Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson, a whodunit thriller, Louisiana, rebel detectives…need I say more?

Woodgrain Secret Message Cufflinks £58 - Wooden cufflinks with your very own secret message etched onto the back.

Beer of the Month Set £97.50 - Receive a gift selection of 6 micro brewery ales in a monthly crate delivered every month for 3 consecutive months.

Weber Original 3 Piece BBQ Tool Set £34.99 - The best tool kit for a BBQ chef.

True Romance Film Quote Papercut £40 - Obviously this is for a super cool papa!

Happy Father’s Day!