24v Low Voltage Connectable 96 LED Icicle Light (Warm White)/Item Number: 920311624

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easy to use - plug and play system
fully connectable lighting system
connect up to 2,000 lights from one plug, thats 20 sets of lights
96 warm white led's
overall 3.5 metre span of icicle lights
white cable
useslumineo's 24v low voltage lighting system
outdoor and indoor use
simple to use and install
8 multi functions when used with the controller and power pack
(chase, static, flash, fade....)
create your own unique lighting display - various accessories are also available including extensions cables and splitters
combine string lights, icicle lights and net lights together, you really can power the whole outside display from just the one plug
watch our video to see how simple and effective these lights really are

what's in the box:
24v low voltage 96 led icicle light (warm white)

lit length is 3.5m
(this is the overal span across the top)

distance between icicles is 15cm
distance between led's is 10cm