Supercharged Club

“United by a shared love of straight talking, Mum-power and gin, Emma Fullwood and Mary Meadows went about setting up Supercharged in 2015. They combined their skills and experience in fitness, nutrition and life-coaching (and motherhood) to launch Supercharged, with one major goal – to get Mums feeling good about themselves.” – Supercharged Club

Mary Meadows aka the Badass Happy Life Coach stalked my ass on Instagram and originally she thought my name was Natalie. I in turn found this endearing and agreed to meet her if she was supplying the flat whites. After what should have been an hour meet and greet, but actually an almost 3 hour love fest I asked for her help. I wanted to be coached in life and she became my life coach. Through a lot of meetings, tears, laughs and huzzah moments (mine) Mary Meadows became my rock, my friend and since that initial meeting there has rarely been a day we have not spoken to each other in one form or another, apart from when she selfishly went to a yoga retreat and took a vow of silence. (Dick). That was tough and I thought she died. I digress.

I then met Emma Fullwood aka the ‘other woman’ (basically if Mary is not with me she is probably with Emma). When I met Emma she was training for an intense bikini competition, beating the booze, eating broccoli and helping mothers save their pelvic floors. Both Mary and Emma are Supercharged Superheroes and their goal is to reach as many women, mothers and humans as possible and HELP. Help through mindfulness, help through kindness, help through their 6 weeks missions by changing your behaviours and facilitating your change. I joined the Supercharged Club July Mission in 2016 and it honestly changed my life. I emotionally ate for 32 years and now I don’t. I was unkind to myself for 32 years and now I am not. I made excuses for 32 years and now I own my decisions. I thought I had no choices and through Supercharged with Mary’s guidance and Emma’s motivation I realise I do have a choice and I can drive my own bus. They taught me the value of my values and goals, they taught me to notice and to want more for myself and after bambino I forgot about me, and honestly Supercharged saved me. You can read more about my Supercharged Adventure by clicking here.

Supercharged changed my outlook and perspective so much I wanted to help spread the word, Mary and Emma’s word – to the world and the only thing I had to offer was my editing skills, so offer them I did. I edit their video content for Instagram and their monthly missions. These include a collection of content for fitness, nutrition and life coaching.

I started blogging and vlogging to HELP so the work I do with both Mary and Emma HELPS and that is something that gives me so much more joy than a chocolate biscuit ever could.