Annie Sloan Chalk Paint >> Aubusson Blue #HouseBailie

I asked Instagram what colour I should paint my walls after 3 years of Pavilion Gray (Farrow&Ball) and ‘Annie Sloan Chalk Paint‘ kept coming up. The people at Annie Sloan then contacted me (how is this my life?) and asked if I would like some samples to try out. I jumped at the chance and after very many testing pots were put through the test we opted for Aubusson Blue – a colour which is the complete opposite to our light grey. After years of renting bright white box rooms it has actually been very exciting splashing dark blue all over Casa Bailie. When we bought this house I remember testing out a blue, but I bottled out of it and went for a daring taupe grey (I know) and since Max has arrived our light grey aesthetic has been put through its paces and it is not a parents BFF. Annie Sloan’s paint is water based so can take anything Max wants to ‘in theory’ throw at it – get ready, it’s wipe clean – music to my ears!

Our gaff is a Victorian semi D, but unfortunately the previous owners have removed much of the houses original features like coving, radiators and fireplaces etc. Over the past 3 years we have been slowly adding them back in where possible and my main aim with the house is to give it its life back. We started with flooring and then we swapped all the radiators and bit by bit it has been restored. Annie Sloan’s Aubusson Blue has added a real luxurious feel to our lounge and dining room and something I wasn’t expecting is the calming effect it has given to the space. It has always been our lounge, but because the room is very open and flows straight into our dining area – it can sometimes feel chaotic or busy, but it no longer does – it is now a sanctuary even though the areas still share air the hue has given the house a different vibe and I dig it.

I along with the help of the Bailie boys (towards the end) painted and I was amazed at the difference in the consistency, the coverage and the result of the chalk paint. I have never used a paint that was so pigmented before. I could of easily got away with just one coat, which is unheard of. I of course went with a healthy two because why not, but I cannot get over how effortless the chalk paint was when I haphazardly started brushing the walls. The paint dried in record time too so it was easy to paint two coats on our large space, because whilst one side was drying I could add another coat to the other. I didn’t stop at the walls either – I started on cabinets and looked at the doors and shelves with a twinkle in my eye before Mr Bailie took the brush off me. I now have the hallway to decorate and I have opted for Annie Sloan again, but I’ve chosen ‘Graphite’ – watch this space.

What is really interesting about this colour is the difference in shade where the light hits it. You can see from the photographs how the light changes from wall to wall and I promise it is not my shoddy workmanship, but a play in light. I love how the space transforms come evening too – especially once the kid is in bed and the toys are hidden under the sofa. The space feels cosy and intimate come eve and TBH I cannot wait till it’s cold enough to put the fire on and settle down with a blanket and a take away. #mumlife


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  1. August 7, 2017 / 3:44 pm

    Wow! This looks amazing! I love the blue. We’re all whites greys which is proving a nightmare with two kids. Time for a revamp soon I think xx

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