Blue Dress, Pink Shoes

Im in that awful place where it is too hot to cover up, but the Winter chub wants out. Out, out in fact so I have embraced the Maxi Dress, which I have always previously thought I could not do, what with being 5 foot 2 inches, but the midi dress is in fact my maxi dress so in your face – FASHUN! Last week I had to leave the house for an event in Brighton that other humans would also be attending so I washed my hair and I put on a dress. I was actually feeling quite “blue” that morning and instead of going with my usual “go to” of jeans and something baggy to hide in, I instead thought “FUCK IT”. If you dress like it, it will come? That was my theory and it worked. I felt put together and it helped me feel like a million bucks. Find the right dress and you can take on the world. Pair it with some kick ass blush pink mules and you are a FASHUN BLOGGER.

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