Change Your Perspective

Yesterday I visited Charleston House in East Sussex thanks to my kind friend, who booked us on a guided tour around the infamous house of bohemia, art and creative frolics. Previously home to Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant, Clive Bell & Virginia Woolf. They painted, sculpted, wrote, drew, sewed, weaved, innovated and created. They have painted every door panel, every wall, the chairs, the tables and even the fireplaces. It was incredible. No corner had been left un-marked by the family. It was a day like no other and it has left me feeling very at peace and dare I say it…creative. This was the very reason my buddy chose Charleston House, because she understood my creative block and I found the stories behind the panels and rugs so inspiring that when I left the house, our world (honestly) looked a little more shiny and new and I felt like I could breathe for the first time in forever.

I don’t really know what this post is, but get out of your point of view I guess? Get out and stand in someone else’s shoes for a hot minute, because everything looks different when you look in another direction. Hello Pinterest – why yes I am available!


What do you think?