Cuddle him Dry

What? Who me? Oh this old thing? Yeah, the bathroom is complete, I say complete, but water just came through to the kitchen directly underneath said bathroom and a shower in the kitchen was not on the original plan. You get me? Any who…I took this picture of MB in the new bath and I had to share it and I thought I would throw in some of my favourite bath time essentials too. See Zuma from Paw (shudder) Patrol? Essential.

Max has a bath every night and it is so ingrained into our routine that I have been known to not stay in certain places because of the no bath situ. I mean who lives like that? What do people do with their bath bombs? I ask you!

Every night starts the same, 6.30pm “Max you have 10 minutes and then we are getting in the bath. OK?” and then we pinkie swear, because you cannot go back on a pinkie swear….unless you are MAX BAILIE. 6.45pm “Max you pinkie swore and you cannot go back on that so lets get in the bath” and of course I go up there having run the bath 15 minutes prior and sit in the bathroom willing Sir procrastinator to join me on his own terms.

He arrives. Max: “I want to get in the bath Mama”, “Ooooh its cold” (FUNNY THAT), “Can we play and you don’t wash my hair?”…the list goes on. Then I attempt to wash his hair/clean his ears/wipe off ketchup/brush his teeth/get him to agree to cut his toenails on exiting the bath etc, but settle for washing his face and putting soap on his thumb. The left one.

Why is it that they never want to get in the bath and then just as you start patting yourself on the back after winning the war of toddler vs. bath you are quickly reminded that you’re not the boss as they refuse to get out the bath, the same bath they didn’t want to get in? What is that all about? Out comes the ole “Max you have 10 minutes and then we are getting out of the bath. OK?” and then we pinkie swear, because you cannot go back…OH #FFS

He exits stage left, but there is soap on him/he needs a wee/he forgot something downstairs/he is thirsty etc. After all the bath fuss the routine gets back to business…I cuddle him dry with his bloody cute CuddleDry towel and then get cracking with pyjamas, book and sleep. Oh it is that easy. No.

Firstly, don’t ever ask them questions at this time…do you want more problems? I often hear the other half asking Max what pyjamas he wants to wear and then secretly laugh whilst pouring gin listening to the battle commence. Amateur. Ask a question, get a problem. Once the mini human is dressed to impress we choose books, at the moment he gets a choice of 3, which is impressive as it used to be 7! This is my favourite time as he rests on me and everything slows down…and this is the only actual time where he talks to me about his day. I quiz him and quiz him, but he is busy playing or eating or living life throughout the day to talk to me. We read, we chat and we reflect on our days and ask each other to share their “favourite part of the day”, which he loves, we have been doing this since the summer and he used to just say “Playing with…so and so”, but now I can see that he is really contemplating what his favourite part was and best of all it means he goes to the land of nod on a positive note.

Then we kiss and hug and I am off to binge watch The Crown and he is off to dream about Paw Patrol. Then I look at the clock and realise it is 8pm and I promise myself that it will be “bed at 7pm tomorrow night”, because obviously I didn’t tell myself that yesterday and thats all I got – HOPE and tomorrow. Tomorrow I will do better.


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