Eggs & Tantrums

What a weekend! Glorious sunshine and chocolate – what could go wrong? Well, with a child person – A LOT! Sugar tantrums are real people, not a drill or an urban mum legend. It is truth. Peace be with you. I am guessing that yours was pretty much the same? A cocktail of “ahhhh precious moments” to “arrgggghhhh he is scary”, similar to living with Phil Mitchell. I guess?

Luckily we went over to the in-laws, which meant we had an epic Easter egg hunt that ended in chocolate and because the G-rents were present we had no tantrums. MB is strangely conservative about his outbursts these days. 4 does look tricky I must add – Max is really struggling with going from so happy to so sad in a nano second, you know how a bomb at least ticks so you get a warning? This is not my reality at the moment. Growth spurt? Leap? Hormones?

Hope you all had a smashing one, NB x


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