Graco Modes 3 Lite Click Connect Travel System Review AD

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This past weekend we decided we could not wait any longer, although Mister Bailie did try and delay the inevitable by pushing us out the door for a brisk walk and play at the park of course. I am talking Christmas. I am not sorry, tis the season to be jolly. Falalalala. The inevitable was the tree. The tree is up.

Max is at a very in-between-y (not a word fyi) stage, where he wants to be fiercely independent for at least ten minutes and he will often lure me with false hope, his legs being the carrot to my donkey and then eleven minutes into said walk it starts… “carry me”. The ‘carry me’ whine is up there with the “I don’t want that” (that is always a vegetable) and “no, no no” which is always the answer to anything I ask. So we still need some smart wheels to save me and my back problems. Graco kindly gifted us the Modes 3 Lite Click Connect Travel System (bloom) pushchair to take for a spin and spun it we did. “Lets get in the buggy” is normally met with “no, no, no”, but as soon as MB saw the cup holder he was sat in his chair as quick as you can open an Ella’s kitchen pouch!

This buggy is a travel system so that technically means it will see you through from newborn to MB (almost 4…wah). It comes with a car seat, a carry cot and a multi position reclining chair for your mini humans comfort. Did I mention it has a cup holder? All the options can be used either rear facing or forward facing or as I like to call it the “ahhh thats my baby” to the “I can’t hear you, lalalaa” phase. Isn’t motherhood lovely?

Brighton can put almost any buggy or pram to the test, we have the sea weather to contend with, the hills to climb, the tiny coffee shops in the Laines and the students who walk whilst looking down at their phones. A simple stroll through Brighton can feel like a Barry’s Bootcamp session, you return home sweaty, bruised, dehydrated and you need a gin. The Mode 3 got us from A to B safely, quickly and we avoided any ankle chasing. The Brighton hills were actually fun with this buggy, because of the 3 wheels and the sporty nature of the pushchair I felt like we glided around. It is light and easy to manoeuvre. It took us from the roadside curbs to the sand and mud in the park in style and without fuss, which is a huge plus. The seat was big enough for Max, which I loved because he is tall and can often look “too big to push”, everything can be heightened or shortened on this system to fit you and your kiddos needs and requirements.

For specifications and product description, click here.

Max truly loved this ride, he still got to keep his independence too – he did up his own straps, he could get in and out of the chair himself and the cup holder, have I mentioned it? I loved the lightness of it and the basket – it is huge! You could easily slot in your Tiba and Marl bag, some superheroes, Lego and a red lipstick. Super easy and really this is the only travel system you need to roll off into the sunset with.

*This post contains a paid for promotion by Graco, but all opinions expressed are my own.


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