Graco Swivi Highchair Booster Seat – Review

We are at a tricky point with Max’s age and height with sitting together at the table for meal times, should he still be in a high chair? I say yes, because he cannot reach the table in any of our other chairs, but Max Bailie would argue “I’m a big boy” and here lies our conundrum. MB is no longer bambino, but he is not big enough for the grown up chairs either. He is fiercely independent and anything that denies him ‘big boy’ status is simply the enemy and enemies cause tantrums so they soon become my problem. As if dinner time with toddlers wasn’t tricky enough…am I right?

I am an ambassador for Graco and after proposing what I thought was a genius idea for a booster seat to the business, they told me that it was already made and they sent me one to review. My dragons den dream was squashed, but my dinner times restored. Graco sent me the Swivi Highchair Booster Seat, which is suitable for ‘big boys’ and allows said big boys to feel ‘special’ according to MB and he does not even know that it can take babies too. Ssh.

The Graco Swivi Seat Booster is a convertible 3-in-1 grow with me booster seat with 180 degree swivel seat designed to make meal times fun and inclusive for even the tiny humans. The seat grows with your baby from infant – it can smoothly recline for bottle feeding to big kid booster – so even the most independent toddlers can feel like are one of the ‘regular’ folk . Also the features are dishwasher safe, it has a one hand removable tray, a 5 point safety harness and plush insert padding, which is machine washable. Boom.

The booster is and does exactly that – boosts, which is just what my family need. Meal times are so much fun when they work and everyone is sat at the table chatting about their days and not eating their crusts. Damn Paw Patrol is always trying to lure my mini away from the table, but the Swivi seat has made meal times exciting and has made Max feel like he is in the ‘big boy club’. Now I just need Graco to design a product that will stop time and stop this kid growing up! How is it going so fast? I am looking at schools….SCHOOLS!!!

If you are looking for a cool and discreet highchair for your newborn this is a truly fab option and best of all it will take you and your human to the adult chair (eventually) so it is really value for money at £79.99.

If you have any questions about this seat, please do not hesitate to contact me – I know that buying products that will last are often a top priority for parents, but honestly from one mother to another – this needs to be on your must have list for easy living with kids.

*This post contains a paid for promotion by Graco, but all opinions expressed are my own.


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