How I got Supercharged



In 6 weeks I have conquered emotional eating. In 6 weeks I look better than I have in 5 years. In 6 weeks I have learnt how to be kind to myself. In 6 weeks I have sorted my life out, cut the s**t and become Supercharged, but WTF is the Supercharged Club?

Supercharged Club is about giving a little bit of a s**t about you. It is a 6 week mission to educate, nourish and build YOU up. (from the bottom to the top if that is your goal) “It is an education in healthy eating, teamed with lessons in body confidence, self worth and emotional well being.” – Supercharged Club

It is not a quick fix, a detox or a cleanse. It is a plan to help you be the best you for life. In the 6 week mission you are guided, supported and cared for by Mary and Emma. Mary Meadows is a life coach and Emma Fullwood is an expert in post natal exercise and nutrition and both Mary and Emma are mothers. When you join the mission you are invited to be a part of a closed Facebook group of other missionaries and this is the key, because when and if you struggle or you slip up (hello toddler leftovers) these women will help you.

You set your own goal and Mary helps you with the realistic steps of reaching that goal. She will break down what you want to achieve and facilitate your path to success. Emma will help shape your goal and educate you on what your body and lifestyle needs. Every single one of us on the mission is different. Some people are breastfeeding, some are sat at desks, some want to feel confident in a swim suit and some just want to get rid of the ‘mum-tum’. One size does not fit all and the Supercharged Club mission reflects this.

It is not a diet, you don’t get told what to eat and when to eat it. You are not handed a magic wand where ‘if you do this and this, then this will happen’. Both Mary and Emma suggest recipes, they facilitate change and self worth, but it is YOU that has to do it. They support you fully and every question and worry is answered and heard, but you have to be ready to ‘do the work and choose your hard’.

My hard is emotional eating. I eat when I am happy and I reward myself with food (mainly sugar and carbs). I eat when I am sad and I comfort myself with food (mainly sugar and carbs) I eat when I am bored, tired, stressed…the list continues. Then I feel guilty so I deprive myself. I lie to myself and I make up stories “If I do this then I will look like this and then I will be happy”. All the while looking the exact same and repeating the same pattern. The power of noticing was enough for me to turn my ship around. Instead of reaching for food I found myself asking “Why are you doing that?” and it was embarrassing. So embarrassing that I stopped and I asked for help.

Before I started my mission Mary said to me “Are you ready to do the work?” and I remember thinking ‘How hard can it be?’…also what kind of work? Mary and Emma want you to succeed so the mission is about easing you into your new life. You change one dish a week, which by the end of the 6 weeks means you are most likely eating completely different to how you were and you have also probably not noticed, but you will have noticed how good you feel and how good you look.

If you had told me 6 weeks ago that my mid morning snack would be a an egg, my pelvic floor would have given way from all the laughing. If you had told me that I would have an exercise plan that I was actually sticking to and succeeding in I would have whispered “sure”, but I am and I am doing it. Doing it is doing the work and the results have been incredible and enough to keep me motivated and it doesn’t feel like work. My mind and my body are finally aligned and they have both been cared for and it feels fantastic.

My mission was a personal adventure and just because the 6 weeks are over does not mean that I am at my destination, but by completing the mission I am far more equipped to succeed in living a more positive and healthy life style. I am so grateful to Mary and Emma and all the other mothers who joined me on the July mission. Joining the Supercharged Club was the most amazing and rewarding experience and for the first time in my life of diets, quick fixes and false promises I have got my life back. Food does not control me and I look f**king great! – click here to join the next mission starting in September.



  1. August 28, 2016 / 10:28 pm

    I have to say I think you look fab as you are but well done on working on things. I sooo wish I could lose 2-3 stone

  2. September 1, 2016 / 6:50 pm

    Dude.. I need this shit in my life! Like NEED it, you’re gonna be all ‘skinny bitch’ and I’m gonna be ‘Chubba the chunk’.. more importantly I like to avoid Debbie Downer-ing so I’m gonna do some research.. great post! xx

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