Ice, Ice Baby! #AD


@RibenaUK recently challenged me to create something with the classic squash drink and I jumped at the chance. Ribena is a drink that reminds me of being a kid and playing outside so is a genuine brand that I love and I really gravitated to the idea of creating something for me today – who knew you can be 32 years old and Ribena is still relevant!?

So I created my regular tonic water with ice and lime drink – it is a drink I am loving right now as it is refreshing, especially in the heat, but for this #RibenaRecipe I added some Ribena Ice cubes, which turned my ‘regular tonic water’ into a blush pink summer dream of a drink. Totally instagram worthy!


50 ml Ribena

250 ml water to dilute

Add to ice cube tray and freeze. Simples. I added fresh blueberries to each cube before freezing, but you could add other fruits that you like and even a refreshing herb like mint.

Get yourself a glass, add tonic water or lemonade would work well too – drop in 2-3 ice cubes of frozen Ribena squash and add a lime or cucumber (whichever you prefer) and hey presto! Cheers.

I like the idea of also adding these fun flavoured ice cubes to my regular Gin & Tonic or even a tall glass of Prosecco.


What do you think?