Influencing the S**T out of you (probs)

What do you think of the word “Influencer?” Seriously. Because I hate it – it just rubs me up the wrong way and I lose my life boner immediately if someone refers to themselves as a human of influence. Am I being silly? Or am I jealous as I am more flatulence less influence? I have really thought about it recently as my Instagram numbers sky rocketed with the help of a kind Mother of Daughters shout out, where I saw a 2k rise almost overnight in my ‘following’. Since then I have been contacted a lot by brands and PR companies wanting ‘in’ on my audience aka ‘my reach’ and ‘my reach’ is surely measured by the numbers that I can ‘possibly influence’? I don’t always even get referred to by name, the email will just arrive ‘Dear Influencer’ which gives me shivers, because who am I to influence you? You’re probably just here because of my ‘funny’ insta stories or you’re curious about Asha and are waiting for my version of what happened there (FYI – it is never coming – I still don’t know) or maybe you have been here since the beginning and you just like my teeth? (a comment I genuinely get a LOT). Either way thanks. Thank you for following, for liking and for letting me influence the S**T out of you…probably. I mean seriously you best get ready to be influenced.



  1. August 8, 2017 / 2:27 pm

    Do not ever question your right to be of influence. Why not you? You are strong, you kind, you are funny, (you is important), you are a producer of hashtag interior goals. If someone has something to say and thinks you can say it better – go get yours. Influence on mofo. I agree one should never refer to themselves as a human of influence, I would prefer Influence Artist.

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