I am having one of those weird weeks, where the lines of an idea and being creative get a bit blurry and you end up either creating something for the sake of it or you end up ‘polishing a turd’.

Normally when these hours, days and weeks hit me I search through the internet looking and willing inspiration to come and slap me on the tits and today I discovered a fabulous woman on the YouTube who subsequently lead me onto another and another, which some might call a ‘YouTube vortex’, but these kind of things are the very things that make my brain juices flow and get me all excited about doing what I do, especially if like this week – I want to break the rules.

I have always marched to the beat of my own drum and I feel lucky that I know what I like and that I definitely know what I don’t like, but this in itself can be a conflict. Especially if like me, you over analyse every single thing you publish, create and share with the world – I don’t want my ‘shit’ to be mediocre, I never want to share something I do not believe in and this was one of the main reasons I left Channel Mum. I do not believe in it. It is factual and informative, but I do not personally relate or buy into the dream they are selling. So I had to fly.

So today I discovered Melanie Murphy, who I know nothing about, except that she is creating content that I have not seen before. It is not shot in a special way or scripted. Melanie is creating content that is interesting, that is original and that in itself is authentically refreshing. She is collaborative, open minded, intellectual and unapologetic, which I like. Today she is inspiring me.

After my flurry/binge watch I scrolled Twitter to find out that Sir Roger Moore has passed away after a fight with cancer and my heart is broken. James Bond movies, specifically Sir Roger were a huge part of my childhood. The occasion of watching those films on a Sunday are some of my favourite memories and hello – Spice World the freaking movie! I don’t know if I would say Sir Rog himself was a huge inspiring character in my life, but his movies definitely shaped my memories and attitude whilst growing up and who knows – maybe I am who I am today because of one of those Sunday sittings of a Bond movie. I do love an eyebrow raise.

I don’t have a point or an eyebrow arch, but it has been one of those days of reflections and realisations – things, people, news and occasions happen to us and in the same instance they can be taken away. Life can be full of such extremes, of love and hate, of highs and lows, but as long as you’re present in every single one, they or it will shape you and even if it isn’t for the better today, it could be tomorrow…so find inspiration in the every day and grab it by the balls. Cease the day x



  1. May 23, 2017 / 8:50 pm

    I’ve watched your videos so much that I read your blog posts in my head in YOUR voice! Ha.

    Off to check out Melanie’s Channel.

  2. Cj
    May 23, 2017 / 9:22 pm

    Today was a very sad day 💔 😘

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