Now I’m Down in Brooklyn…

So this past week we visited the ‘Big Apple’ for the third time, but this time we crossed the Hudson and strolled around Brooklyn. I have no idea why it has taken us this long to get to Dumbo, perhaps it took us two trips to cross all our Manhattan ‘musts’ off our bucket list? (Doubt it, we still haven’t done or seen half the buildings, museums, monuments that others prioritise). Next time? After all New York is always a good idea.

Travelling with a tiny human changes your priorities when visiting different countries. Before bambino we travelled with an agenda and a list of eateries and bars we were planning to frequent. Post bambino our only agenda is to keep the human full and happy and now we have a list of playgrounds and parks in close proximity to a bathroom facility. Boom. ‘This is how we do it’.

So we got a cab over the Brooklyn bridge and got dropped off on Water street, which smelt of pizza and it was glorious. The queues outside of the pizza joints were huge so naturally we joined one of them, because thats what British people do – we queue. After the most amazing two pizza slices of my existence we walked around Dumbo, Brooklyn with no agenda or plan. We found a playground, a bathroom and we set up camp. Whilst the “park needed to be cleaned” (my new tactic to get the kid to exit the park) we drank coffee, jumped in puddles, took photographs of the bridge which can be viewed on almost every street in B’town, we strolled through Brooklyn flea market and waved to Lady Liberty who we spied across the river.

I am pretty sure we didn’t even scratch the surface when it comes to discovering Brooklyn, but there is always next time, because now…Brooklyn is always a good idea.


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