Red Roaster, Brighton

Coffee is still good. Food is pretty, the place is covered in a s**t tonne of marble, which is totally my aesthetic of choice and they have pastries so the bubba’s beige addiction can continue in peace and harmony. The NEW Red Roaster is my bean baby.

For those not in the know (anyone out of the BN post code) Red Roaster has always been ‘the’ place for cwoffee, you can buy it, you can get it ground, you can buy the beans if you have the means and it has always been a “if you’re in Kemptown in Brighton, we’ll go there” type of place, but now…

Zoella frequents, the bathroom space mirror literally whispers ‘take a selfie’ at you, the lighting makes any snap Insta ready and according to my friends it is ‘a bit wanky’, because Ketchup arrived in a small pot and not in a bottle. They are wrong and I am right…if I am not here…I am most probably, definitely there sipping the bean.


What do you think?