Screen Queens & Selfie Sticks

Screen queens and selfie sticks

Is this an epidemic or are we sick?

A generation who like to follow

Refreshing those tiny squares like there’s no tomorrow

Who like to like

And look to be liked

But when did standing in front of a wall feel so right? 

Walls are fine if you intend to smash them

But don’t stand there pretending you’re helping the cause 

When equality is your message

But really

It’s the applause

Those numbers climbing 

Illuminating your screen

But what else is going up?

Oh your self-esteem!

You’re feeling yourself

You’re all the things 

Hashtag goals, brows on fleek

Life is great

You’re on a winning streak

What could go wrong? 

“Your brows look like slugs”

“Are you on drugs?” 

“You look fat”

“You look tired”

These comments are comments

And they can’t be true

But it’s the very things

That you say to you

How did they hear your inner chat?

Telling you “your eyebrows are shit and you are fat”?

Must try harder

To be adored 

Yet those four comments drown out the applause 

As a kid we’re taught not to speak to strangers

But today as adults

Strangers can make you famous

Follow to be followed 

Followed means you’re liked

But if your feed was an alley

You’d run for your life

The people behind the numbers

Hitting “like” “love” and “follow”

Don’t see your truth

That even the word “follow”

Feeds your void

Until tomorrow

When you’ll post again

I’m not talking IRL

I’m simply sharing

What the squares won’t tell

Which is that we all need to be

More caring

We need to connect 

To connect is key

A key that will unlock both you and me

Once were unlocked and we’re having fun

I’m pretty sure you’ll agree to just take one






“You’re eyebrows look like slugs”.

by Natasha Bailie


  1. May 6, 2017 / 7:18 am

    I just recently wrote about connecting. We’re happy to have likes and followers. But how many of these people do we actually connect with? How many of these followers do we actually choose to engage with.
    Loving the poetry. Xx

  2. Jenny
    May 8, 2017 / 4:57 pm

    Love this..

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