Seasonal Fash-UN

It is like a bloody Katy Perry song over here and this Madre ain’t playing when it comes to the “I am ready for anything” when it comes to my “FASHUN” game…errr game? So, as you can see here – I decided to go with your classic ‘school trip itinerary/packing suggestions’ – a coat, sandals, sun lotion, head scarf (because a hat did not say “Fashion Blogger” to me) and a straw bag full of SPF options, a box of raisins because #MUMLIFE and an umbrella – because British summer. Basically if you are here for style tips – I am the Forrest Gump of Fashion, where my life is like a box of chocolates and so I eat said chocolates, complain about having nothing to wear and you really don’t know what you’re going to get on a day to day basis, but that is half the fun right?

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