Taking a Toddler to London

Photography heavy, but we had the most amazing weekend in London. We visited Museums, ate food worthy of an Insta flat lay *flatlaywanker is now a phrase and we enjoyed being tourists in the big smoke. It was Ian Bailie’s birthday and we decided to celebrate and have a mini stay cation on our own fair isle. We stayed Bankside, right along the river in a Hilton and not only did we have views of the Tate gallery, but we were surrounded by the city and the Thames. It was the perfect location for a little bit of r&r. We spent the first afternoon walking along the river, visiting the Tate gallery, drinking and eating when we felt like it. It was incredible weather and we made the most of the daylight hours. We walked and walked and even MB was happy to stroll. Along the Thames can get very busy, especially as you move closer to the hot spots like the South bank or St.Pauls, but as it was a week day and early afternoon we got away with a leisurely mooch along the bridges of the Thames even with the kid who runs everywhere.

The following day we had an amazing brekkie and coffee at Caravan. Think smashed avocado and latte art to die for – of course I instagrammed it. After we were suitably fuelled we headed off to the Natural History Museum in London. We have been waiting for the perfect age to take Max and apparently 4 years old is the magic number for family B. The kid loved it and so did we, it was fab visiting such an iconic building in the capital and it was amazing to see everything through a small humans eyes – the wonder and curiosity was magical and completely captivating. It made me fall in love with London.

On our last day we walked to Borough Market, which was a stones throw from the Hilton and we grabbed ourselves some coffee and people watching. We went early, but there was still a hustle and a bustle vibe. People were taking pictures, working, selling, buying, haggling and socialising. It was very cool and I would love to go again when I am hungry. Max loved wandering around the market – there was so much to see, the smells were incredible and it was the perfect end to our trip.

We then hopped on a train and within an hour we were home in Brighton. We have done London a few times with Max at various ages, but this was the best trip by far – he is at a great age where he can communicate what he wants or doesn’t want to do (so limited meltdowns). He totally understood the magic of the dino bones and it was an unforgettable trip. I really recommend leaving your town for a new one down the road every now and again.


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  1. April 17, 2017 / 9:54 pm

    We took J & E back in October and I was amazed to see things from their point of view. London is an amazing place and you (you lucky bugger) are so lucky to live close by!

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