That Boden Dress

The Allegra dress, now only a blogging/instagrammer myth…I have two words for you…SOLD OUT.

It has happened…I am 32 years of age and this mama is shopping at Boden after years of saying “I’m not that kind of Mum” – I mean, what does that even mean? The alternative is 100% polyester and quite frankly, I am sick of the static shocks. Since MB turned an age where he no longer vomits, poops or urinates on me I have decided I can buy ‘nice things’ again and I’m having a lot of fun with it and I have noticed I’m shopping differently. I’m buying bright colours, big patterns and no longer giving two f**ks if it’s a shape thats not “for my shape” or a colour that “girls with thighs shouldn’t try and wear”, because life is short and the important thing is the feeling, how do YOU feel when you wear that? When I choose to wear something that gives me extra sass and makes me feel confident, it is enough to give me a Spring in my step and make my top knot bounce. That to me is “the feeling”.

This dress gives me ‘that feeling’, so wear what you want, when you want to and how you want to and don’t give a damn about thigh gaps and hashtags, because life is short and your skirt can be too. Happy shopping x

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P.S You will be pleased to know I have my ‘blogger pose’ down – the touching glasses pose…am I putting them on or am I taking them off? You decide.

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