The Depressed Vegan

Aloha! If you’re new here – I am Natasha Bailie aka The Depressed Vegan. I know “nuffing Jon Snow” about much, but I became a Vegan as of 9 days ago and I want to talk about it through humour and sarcasm. Obvs. My depression has nothing to do with my new diet choice (give it another week folks), but if you’ve been here for a while or follow my instagram squares then you know I gas on about my experiences with anxiety and depression on the daily, well now I’m just expelling gas, because Vegan. Saving the O-Zone from my toxic gasses is next on my list. Promise!

I am not a chef or a therapist (although that is quite a cocktail) so don’t listen to a word I say if you are here for cold hard facts and or professional help. Things might start looking and smelling a bit different on my side of the internet so hold your noses and lets roast some mother f**king KALE together!


What do you think?