The Espresso Room, London

23 Southampton Row, London WC1B 5HA
This past weekend Team Bailie were invited along to London for a film premiere. Yep. Stick a fork in us, we are done, but more on that later, because first – coffee. We stumbled upon and then subsequently googled and tripped up on and in to The Espresso Room in Holborn, aka a coffee shop in London and my oh my, such a time was had that this mama has dedicated this entire post to the two coffees I inhaled in the capital. (Sounds a bit Hunger Games, but lets continue).
I have always liked coffee, but once I got through initiation, I mean pro-creation and I became a member of the mother-hood, I soon realised coffee was the new H2o. Aka the s**t that will keep me going, up and alive through the nights, the days, the soft play and the hangovers. Coffee is key to survival. Unfortunately the little brown cup is addictive and I have been known to resemble a drug addict going through withdrawals when I have not had my fix.
So when I started the wide eyed twitch, we hot-footed it around the block from our hotel and found in a rather grand and huzzah mirage of a moment – The Espresso Room. Unfortunately it was closed, but we could see life in there so we waited. For the first five minutes we casually waited, found a red telephone box and did what you do when you are a tourist and you are waiting for a coffee shop to open. Five minutes after that I was pressed against the glass window like an extra from The Walking Dead, clawing and slightly gnawing at the staff whilst they avoided all eye contact with me. Bravo.
Once in, I ordered “2 flat whites please” and then Ian sorted himself out. Hipster Granola was eaten, an avocado was smashed, beige food for the kid was ordered and we settled in whilst the rain came down. It was pure heaven. I don’t know if it was necessarily heaven for the laptop gang around us as we did have a 4 year old ‘talker’ with us, who asks “why?” at least 100000000 times a day, but we had fun and I had coffee and it was good.


  1. February 6, 2017 / 12:10 am

    how the hell do they make that pattern on the top of your brew!?

    • February 6, 2017 / 3:41 pm

      Most likely with a stencil. They lay it on top of the milk layer and then carefully pour over the foam.

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