The Graco Milestone ALL – IN – ONE Car Seat Review AD


Graco says this that the Milestone ‘all-in-one’ is “the only car seat you will ever need” and asked me if I would like to road test and review. I of course said hell yeah, I then renamed the seat ‘the iron throne’ and we put it through ‘The Max Bailie test”, but did it pass?

For the kid who falls asleep as soon as the engine starts I thought this would be a breeze, but Max was so excited and opinionated about his new car seat he decided to narrate all his feelings about his new throne the entire journey and definitely did not sleep, through no fault of the ‘car chair’, but much to the disappointment of us, because the kid is a chatterbox and I really wanted to scroll instagram/net-a-porter. We even endured a 10 minute tantrum because “I don’t want to get out of my seat”. Obviously.

The facts: The Graco Milestone car seat is the seat that can take you from birth to 12 years. So you can actually bring your baby home in it and then take him to his first school disco – all in the same seat and for £149.99 that is real value for your hard earned dosh. It’s comfortable for your kid and convenient for you, transitioning from a rear-facing harnessed infant car seat (birth to 13 kg) to a forward-facing 5-point harnessed seat (9-18 kg) to high-back booster (15-36 kg). The seat pads and cushions are machine washable and it even has a modular cup holder for your mini humans babyccino. Obviously.

The headrest and the harness adjust together so there is no fiddling and faffing when you are running late because it takes 20 minutes to get tiny people out of the house – the work is done. There are 4 position recline options…I mean who knew? Why have 1 when you could have 4?

The Milestone features also include side-impact protection which is integrated into the headrest and the seat has a steel-reinforced frame which “provides strength, durability and added safety for your child”. A 5-point harness in rear and forward-facing modes keeps them secure in the seat and the belt guide lock offs to ensure that the seat is fitted safely and securely on all your family adventures. The Milestone is not ISO FIX compatible and initially this did worry me, because Max is like an octopus and has regular dance parties back there, but the seat belt does not move and neither does the seat. I was impressed with the fit.

With all our bambino purchases the priority has always been “what will last us?” We really didn’t and don’t want to collect pushchairs, travel systems and or car seats so the Graco Milestone totally fits into that ethos. It really is the only car seat you will need if you decide that you like it and that it fits with you and your growing brood.

*This post contains a paid for promotion by Graco, but all opinions expressed are my own.


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  1. October 30, 2016 / 11:53 pm

    this looks like a great seat to grow with your little one.

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