The Jumper that hides all the Stains

Apparently my ‘go to blogger pose’ is the casual one leg “Ooh I’m leaning so casually here, on this wall”. So casual and wanky I have yet to pose for a blog photo where I am not laughing my ass off at myself, because seriously how do people do this and make it look good? Hats off to you if you can.

The #instahusband was not around when I spied this brand spanking new Antigraff.Batman graffiti in Brighton so my gorgeous #instafriend snapped these – thanks Mary Meadows!

Talking of casual – check out my NEW oversized jumper. It is twisted yarn, which in ‘Mum speak’ means “you can hide stains easily” and I love the mix of grey wool with the contrast cuffs and neckline, because for me it says “I am hiding the stains from your eyes and I may be a Madre, but I can still wear white….a tiny bit”.

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