The Mother Box

Last month I was invited to an event in the ‘Big Smoke’ aka London for The Mother Box launch party, now originally I was hoping that the mother box was in fact a euphemism for vagina – because…funny, but no. It is an actual box filled with goodies for mothers, whether you have just given birth or your mini human is at school – if you are a mother – there is a box for you. Created by Alexis and Beccy who have 25 years of experience of working with women throughout their Mother-HOOD adventure between them. Alexis is a midwife and Beccy is a doula and a pre & post-natal massage therapist and together they are The Mother Box and I couldn’t be prouder of them. When I first met the dynamic duo I was blown away by how relaxed and nurtured I felt in their company, they genuinely care for women. For your wellbeing pre and post birth, for your mental health and your physical recovery. I am incredibly lucky that they both live in Brighton and they are both incredibly un lucky that I know that they live in Brighton.

Here are all the amazing boxes available to purchase from The Mother Box website, there are 6 boxes to choose from and they range from early pregnancy to beyond. The boxes are filled with products that are specific to what you need depending on where you are in your motherhood journey. Products include informative and inspiring books, healing oils and salts, restorative teas and herbs and positive affirmation cards to get you through the sleepless nights and the feelings, both physically and mentally that can come and slap you in the tit post bambino. During my pregnancy I remember feeling like the Queen and then Max arrived and it was all about him for both me, my other half and for everyone else. I got forgotten about, which at the time I never minded, but in hindsight I too forgot about me and suffered because of it. I think Max was one year old when a stranger at a play group asked me “how are you?” to which, obviously I cried my eyes out and said “fine”, which I wasn’t.

These boxes are great gifts for the mothers in your life and the women that you know who are about to become mothers. The Mother Box is for mothers, by mothers and whether you need healing powers, or just some TLC  – there is a box for you.


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