the vegan monologues : 2 weeks eating vegan

5 things

5 Things I’ve noticed since ‘turning vegan’ 2 weeks ago:

  1. People who are not me are obsessed with the label ‘VEGAN’
  2. I cannot stop farting
  3. Google search engine is my best friend and all my searches start with “Is (insert your favourite food here) vegan?”
  4. People who are not me are really concerned about my protein intake
  5. I have never cooked this much in my life

I could go on, but the biggest surprise for me is nothing to do with my bowel movements or intense meal planning, but people. People, who are not me. Everything from their jokes (about my life choice) to their ignorance and reactions. No wonder vegans get a bad name for being “preachy”. I am starting to think I have mistaken ‘preaching’ for “incessant answering of stupid questions”. I need a good elevator pitch for the types of foods I like to eat, which apparently is up for debate because…’vegan’.


What do you think?