Toddler Style : Sharks

shark max

Shark Jumper Marks & Spencers, Stripy Leggings Zara Kids, Yellow Trainers Gap Kids, Dino Helmet Micro Scooter

Mid snack. Always. This OOTD is brought to you by a threenager who really likes the colour blue. No other colour will do, unless it is yellow shoes – like “the feet of a bird”. We have never gone out of our way to purchase blue clothing for our mini male, but the sea of blue and green and sometimes…brown can be enough to drive a sane mother to announce her child “only wears black and white”. (Those mothers exist – FYI) So what can you do, but accept the blue? It helps if your mini male likes it too, but my trick is to find a f**king outrageous in your face with a hangover print and style it up as if you were getting dressed in the dark, because when you’re a toddler…rules are made to be broken.



  1. August 28, 2016 / 10:20 pm

    he looks awesome, as your new blog layout also does x

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