Unfollow me

I’ll unfollow you

Why did you unfollow?

What did I do?

You didn’t do anything

and that’s the reason why

I simply unfollowed

and I forgot to say bye!

Of course, what makes me want to follow you right back

is when you ask me “why” and you make me feel like a guilty twat.

Because trust me when I say I didn’t unfollow you to break your heart

but your squares and mine are frankly worlds apart

so I tried to go quietly to cause no harm,

but FUCK ME you’re a spy with an app and an alarm

“Someone who you don’t actually know has unfollowed you”

beep, beep, boop, boop – it must be a mistake!

I’ll ask her directly “why did you unfollow me?”

“because you ask those kind of questions and you make me feel like shit”

“Nah….I’ll ask her anyway, because that won’t be it”

So to the people who feel ‘personally betrayed’…

I unfollowed you, because I just did

so please, just behave!

Unless you want the real answer,

which I doubt you’ll want to know

So I’m very happy for you to just quietly UNFOLLOW.

written by Natasha 'UNFOLLOW' Bailie

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