Welcome to the Mother Hood


Hello! Now, you may have just got here or you may have been here the entire time, just simply wondering whether I was still calling myself a blogger or not? My posts have been few and far between and I apologise and confess….I lost my mojo there. I even tried to fool you with the GIFt that keeps on giving…the humble GIF. What can I say? I am a GIFfer, like a ‘giver’, but not really anything like it. (Sorry).

You may have also noticed that my blog theme changes like the wind (every 2 mins) this is because I have been on the search. A search for me to find a sense of self. Don’t worry I am not going to start using the term ‘journey’ or ‘discovery’ – I am not talking about a Land Rover! I have simply been asking myself questions in the hope for enlightenment or some huzzah moment of the meaning of it all. Asking; “Who the F**K am I?”, “What does that look like?” “Does that matter?” “Ooh this is shiny…was that a squirrel?” etc. The change of blog theme represents my ever changing mind when it comes to ME, but I feel like this is right. This is me. It even says F**KING in the tagline…boom. This is me.

So, welcome to the Mother Hood, the global girl gang where initiation is pro-creation and tattoos are not necessary, but apparently a red lip might be?! Some mothers wear stripes, some wear pyjamas and some even curl their hair (bastards), but even with our differences, even if they appear extreme, I think we can all agree – we are winging it! We are raising mini human folk to the best of our ability, drinking gin, complaining, swearing, smiling, playing, finding the magic in it all and wondering if we are doing it right. ‘It’ being child rearing, being an adult is hard…I still don’t understand taxes or mortgages and while I am confessing…child care vouchers. Love them, but ‘tell me again’. So, when you add PARENT and MOTHER to the cocktail that is adult-ing…well, it can be tricky. Just me?

The more and more I speak about ‘winging it’ the more mothers I meet, like, love and connect with. Connection is the key to the mother hood, connect with mothers and 8 times out of 10 you will find someone who will help you, advise you, laugh with you (sometimes at you) and will send you a WhatsApp invite 2 seconds after your first meet and greet. Those mothers ‘get it’. WhatsApp after all is the new mothers meeting. A place where mothers form groups upon groups of chats. All from the comfort of the sofa, in-between tea time and gin time and where friends are made and connections loyally maintained.

Of course not all mothers are from the hood, are in your hood or want to be near yours, but if you build it they will come. That is what I always wanted for The Milk Stand. I wanted to have a place to be me, unfiltered, un-apologetic – for the potty mouth, the honesty, the pictures of my son having a tantrum (see above – he asked me to take his shoes off – so I did – therefore I am an arsehole) and everything in between the brightly coloured plastic shit and the copious amounts of coffee. I am sure it was Pinterest who said something along the lines of…’Your vibe attracts your tribe” and in the words of Missandei “it is known” (If you don’t get that – it might be over for us – because, you know…see all of the above). So get out there and be YOU, shake that tail feather and the hood will find you.


What do you think?