I have a Youtube channel to compliment The Milk Stand in a bid to reach even more mothers who are looking for either the gin or another mother to complain/explain/swear and drink with!

I create a weekly vlog that will give you more of an insight into my life as a first time mother and there will be extra bonus videos on all things kid/sprog/mini human related as well as things I like and love like home interiors, travelling the globe with the kid and honest chats about depression and anxiety.

Follow my adventure through motherhood as I navigate toddler territory…

Natasha Bailie YouTube Channel

As well as Vlogging on my own channel, I also create videos for Channel Mum – the first YouTube community for UK mothers. Me aside, there are some great videos on there if you are struggling with parenting or feeding your baby, miscarriage support and advice on fussy eating and fun activities to do with kids. My videos are about my personal journey on the Mother cruise, but I also create funny videos about my obscene amount of parenting fails. Enjoy my playlist here: Natasha Bailie Videos


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